Cliniconex can help clinics provide better outcomes for their patients.

Founded in Ottawa in 2011 by co-founders Anthony Mar, CEO and Tom Phillips, CTO, Cliniconex is the fastest growing patient engagement solution in Canada.

We believe that patient engagement begins when the appointment is booked, and continues long after the patient leaves the clinic. Communication needs to remain intact in order for your patient to receive the most consistent care possible. Our solution can not only reduce costs for your clinic, but can also be
used as a valuable solution to help clinical staff determine which patients need specialized follow-up.

Cliniconex solutions are customized to conform to your existing clinic workflow. Reliable, scalable, set-and forget. No extra effort for your front end staff and little to no training required. Always the perfect fit.

The Science Behind the Magic

Personalized, regular patient communication does not have to take you hours. Cliniconex provides Software as a Service with two main components, a local controller, and a cloud controller.

The local controller typically resides behind the firewall of the health care provider and handles the task of extracting patient and scheduling data. Patient and scheduling data is usually found inside the EMR/EHR but Cliniconex can also connect to other data sources depending on the level of personalization required.

Once the local controller has extracted the information, it securely transmits this data to the secure cloud controller, whose main job is to assemble the personalized message, and then delivers it to the patient in their preferred mode of communication (voice, email, text).

Patient responses may update the EHR/EMR, be emailed in a report, or can trigger a downstream process via an email notification, depending on clinic workflow needs.

The productivity improvement itself typically pays for Cliniconex services. In fact, our clients have achieved total returns between 8 and 12 times their investment.

Cliniconex is a stateless machine, using data separation and 128 bit encryption to protect our customer’s Personal Health Information (PHI).

We take privacy very seriously and our solutions are fully HIPAA and PHIPAA compliant.  Find out more about our privacy policy.

Strategic Partners

Wesley Clover

Wesley Clover is a serial Super Angel, starting companies locally and globally by providing seed, early stage and follow-on financing both directly and in partnership with other investors. Our unique model has Wesley Clover management and staff work directly with these start-ups to guide, mentor and remain actively involved until the companies reach a level of maturity to operate as self-sufficient businesses.


Calian Group Ltd. (TSX:CGY) was founded in 1982. Headquartered in Ottawa, Calian employs over 2,700 people with offices and projects that span Canada, U.S. and international markets. The company’s capabilities are diverse with services delivered through two divisions.

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