Reduce No-Shows

Cliniconex can reduce patient no-shows by up to 90%

With Cliniconex reminders, patients arrive on time and prepared for their appointments. Customized messaging allows you to provide specific messaging for appointments including parking instruction, what to bring to the appointment, or your cancellation policy. When patients feel prepared, they are more likely to attend their appointment. This avoids gaps in your provider schedule caused by no-shows.

Fully integrated with your EMR/EHR

Automate your patient engagement without increased staff effort and almost no training required.

Your front end staff have numerous immediate clinic duties to attend to. Spending valuable time on patient outreach not only prevents them from attending to these duties, but ties up your clinic resources, resulting in endless phone tag with patients.

By automating patient outreach, your staff will be able to focus on what is really important – your patients. Reminders go out automatically based on the provider schedule, with the right messaging and at the right time. The patient response is then returned directly to your EMR/EHR. Your staff can then easily fill cancelled spots, preventing empty appointment slots.

Completely customizable

Just because your patient outreach is automated, doesn’t mean it has to be impersonal.

Cliniconex allows you to convey all of the appointment details that your staff would normally provide to your patients. Our customizable system allows you to.

  • send messaging for specific appointment types, providers, date/time, locations, and more – or any combination!
  • create provider name overrides (Dr. Smith vs James, our nurse practitioner).
  • provide time offsets to manage scheduled time vs arrival time.
  • highlight your Clinic brand with your logo, custom color and links to your website.

Minimal staff training

Cliniconex introduces workflow without the work!

Once you have decided to use Cliniconex, we schedule a 1-hour workflow discovery session with you to fully understand your workflow. We ask about your clinic preferences, review the way you normally do things, and in the end we set up your patient engagement system exactly the way you want. Then your staff has to just go on doing their work the way they normally do, minus the patient reminders and notifications! We work in the background, so we don’t interfere with your daily routine.

Work seamlessly in the background

Cliniconex works seamlessly in the background with no additional staff effort.

Once your Cliniconex system has been set up, your staff is free to go about their daily tasks as usual. Appointment information is pulled directly from the EMR/EHR without additional staff effort. Our system is always running in the background, ready to respond to triggers that are set to automatically send notifications. As well, since Cliniconex does not tie up your clinic’s resources, your phone lines remain open and ready for immediate patient needs.

Just because we work in the background doesn’t mean you won’t know what’s going on. Patient responses are updated automatically in the provider schedule, and reports can be configured to allow you to know what’s going on every step of the way.

Cost savings

Cliniconex can help avoid the lost revenues caused by patient no shows, as well as increase staff productivity.

Clinics not using automated patient reminders generally have front end staff doing manual calls, or worse yet, expensive and time-consuming paper mailouts.  This task can be handed off to Cliniconex, and the staff can focus on more important, patient-centric clinic duties.  The system operates in the background with no change to existing workflows, so no additional staff effort is required.

Consider this example:

Dr. James sees 500 patients a month. His average visit is billed at $100.  If his no-show rate is 10%, he’s losing about $5,000 in revenue per month.

If Dr. James starts using Cliniconex, and we can reduce his no-show rate by a modest 50%, that means he would reclaim $2,500 in lost revenue per month.  As well, valuable clinical staff time has not been wasted on manual call-outs.

In addition to reducing no-shows and the administrative cost of staff calling out, Cliniconex can be used for preventive care, health education, recalls, etc., satisfying governmental requirements, with the potential to generate additional revenue for your practice.