Cliniconex will streamline your operations by reducing no shows as well as moving more patients through your practice in a day, resulting in increased bookings and payments.

Clinics not using automated patient reminders generally have one or more full time administrative assistants doing manual call outs.  This administrative task can be handed off to the Cliniconex service and the staff that was performing this duty can be re-directed to higher value activities.  The system operates in the background with no change to existing workflows.

Reducing No-shows.  Consider this example.

  • Provider A sees 500 patients a month
  • Average visit is charged out at $100 per patient
  • No show rate is 10%

Provider A is loosing $5,000 in billable revenue every month.  Consider what this means for an entire Clinic.Now consider what it might mean for specialty clinics that charges out $500 per patient, or a hospital.

Add in the idle time of the staff and equipment tied up during the no-show. Even if the medical institution tries to recoup some of this revenue, there is significant room for improvement.

In addition to reducing no shows and the administrative cost of staff calling out, Cliniconex can be used for preventive care, health education, recalls, and any other engagement your practice deems necessary for better outcomes of the patient population base.  These new appointments will generate additional revenue for your practice.

“We save at least four hours a day in staff time, which adds up to more than $20,000 every year.”

Chris Bourque, Executive Director,
Rideau Family Health Team