Improved Outcomes

Want to strengthen your Meaningful Use services?

Cliniconex has deep personalization that is configurable. As a result patients come on time, prepared, and well educated as to the procedure they are about to have.  This not only enhances staff productivity but also provides for an environment where patients have a better chance of success.

No more arguments: Patients may arrive on time but not prepared. Cliniconex alleviates staff from having awkward conversations that turn confrontational. There will be no need for signs in the waiting room like this with Cliniconex.

Notify the care team: Sometimes patients are elderly or have chronic issues that make remembering appointments difficult so the system can be configured to remind more than one family member of impending appointments.

Wait time reduction: When patients arrive on time and are prepared properly, there is less disruption to your schedule. This means patients spend less time in your waiting area and interrupting staff.

Post visit surveys: With the Cliniconex survey features, your practice can run post visit surveys to ask patients how they are recovering. This tool can measure and take action if things are not going smoothly.  Providers can use the analytical part of the system to course correct if outcomes are looking like they will effect payments.

“It’s more than a reminder system. Doctors and staff find the clinic working a lot smoother for them now. And the students love it!”

~ Maureen Murdock
Director, Health and Counselling Services, Carleton University

“Cliniconex is one more safety net to make sure that all of our patients – especially the most vulnerable ones – don’t miss critical appointments.”

Chris Bourque, Executive
Director Rideau Family Health Team