Meaningful Use

Want to strengthen your Meaningful Use services?

Cliniconex can help providers meet several Meaningful Use criteria:

  1. Health Education: Providers can send information related to a patient’s conditions and tie them to lifestyle nudges.  For example, if a patient is obese and has high blood pressure Cliniconex can be programmed to be on the lookout for those conditions and send geographically relevant information on fitness clubs or nutritionists to the patient.
  2. EMR/EHR and Portal Usage: Cliniconex can send email, voice and text notifications encouraging patients to use your portal. This can be especially useful when a patient’s lab work arrives.
  3. Secure Electronic Messaging: In the USA, Stage +2 Meaningful Use Guidelines requires that patients are provided access to view their health record online within 4 days of a visit with their provider. Additionally, in 2014, the Secure Messaging measure requires that more than 5% of unique patients securely message the providers they see during a 90-day reporting period. Cliniconex uses secure messaging and can help your practice comply to this regulation.

“The service quality and the careful support from the people who develop the system changed my views on automated appointment reminders. Cliniconex makes us feel like what we want is attainable. They have always given reassurance that what we want can be done.”

-Kathleen McAuliff, Co-owner
Sound Care Medical & Imaging Centre