Reduce No-Shows

Cliniconex reduces no-shows at clinics and hospitals by up to 90% due to a unique, flexible combination of the following features:

  1. Patient Preference – Our reminder system knows how your specific patient would prefer to be engaged and the system tries this communication medium first (voice, text, or email).
  2. Provider Preference – In addition to patient preference,  our reminder service allows a provider to configure a series of engagement attempts. For example, a clinic could configure the system to send a text reminder 6 days before the appointment, an email 3 days before and a voice call 12 hours before. This engagement configurability, coupled with the heightened attention people usually have pre visit, dramatically decreases no shows.
  3. Engagement PersonalizationReminders are tailored specifically for your patient by utilizing information from your EMR/her. Since the message is relevant, patients show up on time, prepared, and at the correct location.

Cliniconex helped Sound Care reduce no-shows by confirming appointments. We were unable to confirm because we didn’t have the staff.

Dara Vongviset-Barbuto – Quality Control
Supervisor Sound Care Medical and Imaging Centre