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When choosing a solution, it is important to understand the value it will bring to your clinic. We’ve created a return on investment calculator that will help you do just that, specifically when using our Appointment Reminder Service. This service helps reduce the administrative costs of doing manual appointment reminders as well as helping maximize the value of your space and equipment. Reducing no-show rates, increases your revenue and reduces your expenditures all at the same time.

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Improved Billing
The following is the value of the increased billings due to the decrease of no-shows.
Improved Productivity
Save on staff costs! The following is the value of the wages you will save with the automated reminder system. Your staff can now focus on critical operational activities.

Did you know that by reducing no-shows you will also save on overhead costs! (eg. loss of facilities, equipment loading, etc).

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“We save at least four hours a day in staff time, which adds up to more than $20,000 every year.”

Chris Bourque, Executive Director,
Rideau Family Health Team