Staff Productivity

By removing the burden of manual call outs, Cliniconex will give your staff more time to focus on patients. The result? An immediate positive effect on staff morale.

No more manual call outs: Cliniconex eliminates the need for manual call outs to patients and with its tight integration to the EMR and scheduler, it automatically updates the status of the appointment.  Customers call it magic because manual labour just melts away without having to change the daily workflow.

There also are no bulk files to upload. The system works in the background and allows your staff to focus on higher priority tasks.

Staff no longer need to dial each patient one-by-one for reminders, follow-ups or to suggest they are due for an appointment. With PatientPrompt’s direct, real-time synchronization to your EHR there is no need for staff to manually update appointment statuses, or extract and upload files. Bottom line, your staff is able to focus on other tasks.

Much Less Distraction: If you are a walk in clinic and use Cliniconex’s walk in wait time service you will never again be distracted by patients asking when their appointment will be.  Where a patient sits in the queue is displayed at the clinic and a text will be sent to the patient when their appointment time draws near.

Happy staff: As more patients arrive on time, prepared for their appointments staff receive less queries and there is a healthier work environment for all.  Schedules also become more predictable which makes staffing decisions easier.

“Staff absolutely love it because it has really taken a big task off their hands and opened their time up for other things. And, as well, they are the frontline people so when someone comes in and has missed an appointment, it allows them to get it reconciled quickly.”

Dr. Werger

“Cliniconex has freed up time for staff to complete other tasks by taking over confirming appointments, the team worked to understand our clinic needs, customized the templates, and installed overnight. Whenever we had questions, they had the patience to explain how things work.”

Dara Vongviset-Barbuto – Quality Control Supervisor
Sound Care Medical and Imaging Centre