Use Case: Appointment Status Updates

Use Case: Appointment Status Updates 150 150 Madison Woo

How Cliniconex automatically updates statuses into your clinic’s EMR

One of the most crucial parts of the appointment reminder process is making sure that appointment reminder statuses are properly updated into the EMR.


With many appointment reminder systems, statuses can fail to properly update patient responses into the EMR scheduler. Without knowing if appointment reminders have been sent or how the patient has responded, more work than necessary is created for front-end staff and patients become irritable with the confusing reminders.


As well, patients may receive additional appointment reminders after they’ve already confirmed, creating even more confusion.


However, practices with Cliniconex never suffer from this problem. With our fully integrated solution, appointment reminders are automatically sent to patients and statuses are updated better than any competitor- without any need for staff intervention.


Here’s the breakdown of how our solution works:


An appointment is created in the EMR scheduler by front-end staff.


Our solution scans your EMR scheduler and automatically sends appointment reminders to patients. The system will instantly update your scheduler to show that reminders have been properly sent.


Patients receive an appointment reminder in their contact method of choice (voice, text, or email). Once they have received their reminder with your clinic’s customized messaging, they have the ability to confirm or cancel their appointment.


Thanks to the full integration with your clinic’s EMR, our system automatically updates appointment statuses into the EMR scheduler to ensure your front-end staff is always informed of a patient’s appointment status.

Statuses can include: Reminder sent, appointment confirmed, appointment cancelled, etc.

With Cliniconex in place, front-end staff can go about their day without having to worry about appointment reminders not updating or multiple appointment reminders being sent.


Why would you choose any other solution?


Eliminate headaches and save time, all with Cliniconex’s automated solution.

Have a chat with our team today to learn more about Cliniconex’s automated status updates!

Use Case: Patient Reminders for Multiple Appointments on the Same Day

Use Case: Patient Reminders for Multiple Appointments on the Same Day 150 150 Madison Woo

How Cliniconex reminds patients when they’re booked for multiple appointments in one day.

One of the most common requests our implementation team receives is for a patient to be notified about multiple appointments on the same day- seems like it should be simple enough, right?

Unfortunately, many existing solutions must send each patient 2, 3, or even 4 separate reminders, which can lead to a lot of confusion. The patient often sees the last text message (or email) and ends up being late for their appointment or misses it altogether. If you received the 3 messages shown on the right, wouldn’t you assume you’ve been rescheduled?

With Cliniconex, it’s different. Our autonomous solution merges appointment reminders into a single message and applies the rules learned in your clinic’s workflow training session. Our software automatically scans your EMR schedule to detect which appointment reminders need to be sent.

Just like the way your front desk staff would take time to understand if a patient has more than one appointment, our solution applies your workflow logic, merges reminders, then reaches out to patients in their preferred method of contact (voice, text, or email).

The result? A single, clear interaction that reduces your costs and eliminates patient confusion.

With Cliniconex’s autonomous controller, your front desk staff can have their very own ‘virtual assistant’ that is 100% reliable and always accurate.