Primary Care and Family Health Teams

Your practice is on the front line of patient care – busy and sometimes hectic but also so rewarding because patients depend upon you. They look to you for annual wellness visits, flu shots, screening notifications, education and advice, chronic disease management and more. But if they’re reaching out to your practice by telephone then its unfortunately not very efficient.

Do you also run a walk-in clinic? Are patients expressing frustration about uncertain wait times and an inability to plan around when they will be seen?

Start using Cliniconex to automate all your patient outreach – booking notifications, appointment reminders, education and even walk-in clinic wait times. Leverage the power of “set and forget” automation to have all your patient outreach carried out in the background, without burdening your front office staff.

Multi Clinic Practices

You run clinics across a city, a region or even the country and you want to ensure that best practices for patient outreach are transferable across all of your locations.

You can trust Cliniconex to ensure that your preferred outreach modality is repeatable and implemented seamlessly in every clinic. Staff can move across clinics and they’ll see the same core patient outreach functionality in every office.

But what if doctors and staff in one clinic want something a little different? No problem! Cliniconex can customize outreach messaging to suit a particular region, language preference and provider practice.


Are you a clinical researcher interested in automating patient outreach for trials and studies? If your patient roster is in a database then Cliniconex is a solution for you.

We can work with provider EMRs, an institute’s data warehouse and even a principal investigator’s spreadsheet to automate your outreach and make your study that much more efficient.

Specialty Medicine

You’re a busy specialist with lots of referrals and your office has set the day’s schedule and staffed accordingly. These are high value patients and it often takes months to see you. And then one or more patients are ‘no shows’ and who knows why since they never called to inform staff. So, no patient, no reimbursement, staff having to wait around and no ability to re-fill the slot with another patient in need since the ‘no show’ was last minute.

Using Cliniconex, pre-appointment outreach is automatic. Reach referral patients and your regular roster by automated voice, email or text messaging to confirm an appointment. Because it’s a two-way system, when the patient confirms or cancels you’ll see it immediately in the EMR scheduler days before the actual appointment and can take action accordingly.

Want patients to arrive with their meds, a full bladder, in loose fitting clothing, with someone to assist bringing them home etc? Prepare the patients who confirm with instructions specific for their appointment type automatically with Cliniconex messaging.

Walk-In Clinics

Cliniconex ‘smart’ algorithms calculate the anticipated wait time for patients in your waiting room. Our ‘wait time widget’ can be prominently displayed on your clinic’s webpage or on a screen in the waiting room.

If your clinic is in a retail area let patients leave and go shop and then send a text to notify them when they are about ready to be seen. Drive more patients to your clinic when they know with certainty their expected waiting time – that’s the power of using Cliniconex!

And after their visit, send them automated messages to build a relationship for future visits.