Who uses Cliniconex?

✓ Primary Care providers
✓ Family Health Teams
✓ Specialists
✓ Multi-Clinic Practices
✓ Walk-In Clinics
✓ Long Term Care Facilities
✓ Acute Care Facilities
✓ Clinical Researchers
… and more!

Cliniconex can automate all of your patient outreach needs, including wait list management,  booking notifications, clinic cancellations, and reminders about the appointment itself. But patient engagement shouldn’t end there. Reach out year round with targeted health education, bulk notifications for flu shots, clinic changes, etc. All of your patient engagement can be handled with the customized care that your staff is providing now.

Stop staff interruptions and manage patient expectations with our Waiting Room Concierge. Allow patients to see automated wait times displayed online or in-clinic. Provide a patient queue display so your patients know where they are in line. Provide them the opportunity to leave while they wait and receive a message when it’s time to return with our Patient Return Messaging.

Cliniconex helps engage Long Term Care resident families through effective communication while freeing up Nursing staff to provide direct care. Improve transparency with the family, reduce resident safety risk, all with manageable cost predictability.