Patient Messaging

Ensure your patients arrive on time and prepared for their appointments.


Before the Appointment

Waiting to see a specialist can be stressful. Keep your patients informed of their status on your waitlist.

  • Ensure patients know they are on a waitlist and will be informed when an appointment has been booked.
  • Reduce phone calls to your front end staff asking how long before an appointment will be booked
  • Send followup messages at pre-set intervals to update your patients that they remain on the waitlist, and have not been forgotten.

Stop time consuming and expensive manual mailouts informing your patients about their appointments. Automatically send booking notifications once appointments have been booked.

  • The fastest and most reliable way to ensure your patient receive notification of their booked appointment
  • No extra work for front end staff
  • Send for only the specific appointment types, specialists, or locations you want
  • Confirm receipt of the notification to ensure patients are aware of their appointment booking

Win back hours of clinic staff time by automatically reminding patients of their upcoming appointments, with patient response updated directly into your EMR.

  • Allow staff to engage with patients current needs, rather than spending precious clinic time and tying up phone resources by manually calling out reminders
  • Reduce no shows by helping patients arrive on time and prepared for their appointments
  • Patient responses can be acted on quickly – cancelled appointments are clearly identified and can be filled with new patients.
  • Manage group appointments and time overrides seamlessly, providing correct arrival times for your patients
  • Completely customizable messaging based on your clinic needs, by appointment type, provider, location or any combination

Nobody wants to cancel a clinic, but it happens. Automatically inform affected patients quickly and efficiently, within minutes, that their appointment has been cancelled.

  • Whether 1 or 100 patients, future or same day appointments – all cancellation notifications can go out within minutes
  • Eliminate the added burden on staff of calling each patient before their cancelled appointment time
  • Reduce the stress of patients showing up needlessly
  • Inform your patients of next steps to rebook their appointment

After the Appointment

Need to see a patient for followup? Want to remind them it’s time for them to book their next appointment? Send them a message informing them of the need to contact your clinic.

  • See patients in a timely manner following test results
  • Increase patient compliance to treatment plans
  • Inform patients of next steps to book their recall appointment

Patient care continues after they leave your clinic. Keep track of their progress with a simple health questionnaire. Find out how your clinic is doing and learn how to improve your patient’s clinic experience by sending out a patient satisfaction survey. All at a time and place convenient for them.

  • Replace awkward in-house paper surveys with confidential, personalized automated surveys
  • Trigger surveys to be sent based on information in the EMR that targets the patients you want to hear from
  • Identify concerning trends and act on patient responses to provide better care

Ongoing Outreach

Use Ongoing Outreach for all your ongoing patient communication needs.

  • Easily and economically inform patients of clinic changes and provider moves
  • Improve health treatment compliance
  • Provide patient education on various healthcare needs
  • Staff can validate the patient list before sending out messaging

Notify patients of important preventive care visits like mammograms and prostate screenings, flu shots, and more!

Reach patients based on their current health issues and demographics to ensure they are receiving the care needed.

Update patients on important clinic information such as accepting new patients, changes in hours, or to notify patients about provider moves.

Keep your patients informed by sending them specific, personalized educational materials pertinent to them.


Tailored to your needs.

Workflow without the work – Cliniconex is designed to run seamlessly in the background without any added effort by your front end staff. We fit your current workflow, so there’s almost no training. Our reliable, set and forget solution, allows for numerous customizations based on your clinic needs.

Flexible Contact Method

Patient contact, by clinic or patient preference by:

  • Email
  • Text/SMS
  • Voice

Your clinic can personalize email messaging by including:

  • Logos and colours
  • Maps and clinic directions
  • Website links
  • Website links
  • Personalized Clinic Caller ID
Mapping Rules

Select conditions for sending:

  • # of days in advance for sending
  • Select your clinic’s business days
  • Based on appointment, location, date, or any combination
  • Choose which providers or combine with above for targeted engagement
  • Time overrides to manage arrival times vs. scheduled times
Special Messaging

Provide specific appointment details

  • Based on appointment type, locations, provider or a combination
  • Provide appointment-specific instructions
  • Include policies for cancellations and no shows
  • Provider name overrides
  • specific phone numbers, by provider, location, etc.
Downstream Workflow

Custom reports allow you to manage with:

  • Regular emails to single or multiple addresses of your choice
  • Reporting options and frequency based on your clinic needs
Appointment Management
  • Combine a patient’s multiple, same day-appointments into one reminder
  • Manage group appointments
  • Allow for time offset
  • Select appointments to include or exclude