Patient Engagement
without the work!

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By removing the burden of manual callouts, Cliniconex will give your staff more time to focus on patients.

Cliniconex is an EMR integrated automation solution for your patient engagement needs.

  • No more manual call outs: Ensure patients receive the information they need for their appointment with an automated message.
  • Stay in control from the start: Standardize your messages based on the appointment type, providers, date, time, locations, office, and more!
  • Set it and forget it! We seamlessly fit into your workday so we can take on your process and workflow, and you can focus on patients.

Let us show you how seamlessly our patient communications solutions works, specific to the unique needs of your clinic. Contact Us for more information!!

“When the providers are here, they’re here to see patients. Reducing no-shows and streamlining staff time is critical to providing better patient care.”
Chris Fisher, Executive Director at University of Ottawa Health Services