Appointment Reminders

Set It and Forget It

Looking to decrease patient no-shows and increase reimbursed revenue? Interested in having your clinic’s staff focus on more productive activities rather than playing ‘phone tag’ with patients?

Appointment Booked

Appointment is booked by the administrative staff. The patient is then sent a reminder, however many days in advance the clinic chooses.

Reminder Sent - voice, text or email

Reminders are sent as either email, voice or text messages, depending upon clinic and patient preference. These messages are completely customizable based on appointment type, provider, date, time, location, or other clinic variables. These can include specific appointment instructions, documentation (PDF), directions, and cancellation policy/no show fees.

Appointment Confirmation

Patients respond to the customizable options and receive a confirmation reiterating their choice. Once a patient has provided a response, the system will not allow them to change that response. Cancellations can also be limited to fall within the Clinic’s cancellation policy.

Appointment Status Updated

The patient’s appointment status is seamlessly updated to reflect patient response using the codes available within the existing EMR, such as “Left Message, Confirmed or Cancelled.”

Patient Recalls

Encourage Patients to be More Involved

Whether patients are overdue for a checkup, have not booked their next appointment or need to revisit your clinic for a procedure, there are many important considerations when planning a strategy for patient recall.

An effective patient recall strategy depends on timing and repetition. People need to be reminded several times to show up for their appointment. Having your staff call patients to remind them of a follow-up appointment is not only time-consuming and unproductive but runs a higher chance of patients not showing up.

Cliniconex’s recall system lets you reach your patients by their preferred mode of communication and receive confirmation of your patient’s responses. Patient recalls help re-engage patients, providing better health outcomes.

It’s easy for patients to fall through the cracks so having a simple, easy to use system in place encourages patients to be more involved and make more informed health decisions.

Be more efficient. Save Money. See more patients.

Booking Notifications

Engage Your Patients and Allow Your Staff to Focus on Important Tasks

Looking for a more efficient way to update patients about their place on your waitlist?

Reduce the burden on your staff by using Cliniconex’s Booking Notifications software. This service helps inform patients about their referral status, waitlist status and any upcoming appointments they have scheduled.

When a time slot/ appointment becomes available with a specialist, Cliniconex will automatically send out a booking notification to update your patient of their referral status or their updated place on the waitlist.

You can opt to notify your patients by email, text or voice. Automating your patient communications will engage your patients and allow your staff to focus on important tasks such as optimizing patient experience, provider time and treatment room utilization.

Wait List Management

Looking for a More Efficient Way to Update Patients About Their Place on Your Waitlist?

Looking for a more efficient way to update patients about their place on your waitlist?

Our Waitlist Management software provides a fully integrated solution that allows you to easily manage and track patients. Built to improve productivity, our solution can be easily configured to fit your clinic’s workflow.

Waitlist management can be simple and painless. Using Cliniconex waitlist management software, patients added to your waitlist are automatically notified of their status every 3, 6 or 9 months. Notifications are sent out by email, text or voice with information about their waitlist and referral status.

Our waitlist solution significantly reduces the amount of time your practice’s staff spend managing and contacting patients. By automating the process, patients are less likely to be missed, which ultimately leads to a better quality of care for your patients.

Wait Time Display

Is Your Staff Frequently Asked ‘How Long Will it be To See the Doctor’?

Help your staff better manage your walk-in clinic wait times with the addition of Cliniconex Wait Time helper.

Are your staff frequently asked ‘how long will it be to see the doctor’? What if your patients could see an accurate estimate of wait times online BEFORE they arrive at the clinic? Not only would this reduce stress on staff, patients would be better equipped to plan their time accordingly. Patients can also track less busy periods at your clinic, thus spreading out the patient queue more effectively.

Patient Queue Display: For patients who are already sitting in the waiting room, Cliniconex Patient Queue Helper will let them know their position in the patient queue, with approximate wait time remaining.

Patient Return Messaging: Your patients are able to check in to register at your walk-in clinic, and then go about other activities nearby. When their turn is approaching, they will receive a text to notify them that they should return to the clinic as they will be called soon.

You can opt to notify your patients by email, text or voice. Automating your patient communications will engage your patients and allow your staff to focus on important tasks such as optimizing patient experience, provider time and treatment room utilization.

Patient Surveys

Why Capture Patient Survey Data?

Free your office staff from the burden of managing in-office paper surveys.

Targeted patient surveys allow you, as the provider, to ensure the continuum of care. From patient satisfaction surveys on their patient/provider experience following an in-clinic appointment to subjective symptoms surveys to help track your patient’s progress, Cliniconex can help ensure that the patient/provider relationship is never broken.

Patient surveys can provide a heads up to a provider that their patient is not progressing towards their health goal as expected, allowing the provider to intervene and alter the plan of care. Surveys can help identify areas of concern that might not otherwise be addressed until a future appointment, thus proactively heading off more serious issues.

With this service, patients can be contacted by email, text, or voice, either by clinic default or by per patient preference. Allow your patients to complete their surveys at a time, and in the manner they choose. Patients will provide you with more honest answers if they are not pressured to complete the surveys in a rushed, stressful environment, thus ensuring the highest quality of information captured in the survey.

Surveys can be triggered from date of appointment, the age of the patient, gender, location, etc. The flexibility and personal customization are almost endless.  Once configured, this is a set-and-forget solution that will seamlessly integrate with your EMR. Patients can be contacted by email, text or voice call, all customized to your unique specifications.

This personal, proactive outreach will ensure your patients feel confident in their health care choices and will allow your clinic to continue providing them the best care.

Value Analytics

Use Data to Better Serve Your Clinic

Capturing information is only half the battle. Using that information to better serve the needs of your patients, while still ensuring your clinic is running as efficiently as possible, is the ultimate goal.

The results can then be used to see where your clinic as a whole is excelling. Broken down further, you can see which providers are being consistently rated high, or where there may be room for improvement.

Regardless of how the data is compiled, the key is to be able to use this information to improve the quality of care for the patient as well as the efficient use of clinic and staff resources.

Patient survey results are compiled and can be analyzed in multiple ways for any given time period:

  • by clinic score combined
  • by clinic score per question
  • by provider score, combined and per question
  • comparative by provider, question and clinic

Take this question as an example:

The last time you were sick, how many days did it take from when you first tried to see your doctor/nurse/health practitioner to when you actually SAW him/her or someone else in the office?

Preventive Care Notices

Keep Your Patients Informed All Year Round – Automatically!

You run a busy clinic with a patient roster that continually grows.

Each patient has their own ‘story’ and you see most patients but once a year for their wellness visit. What about the other 364 days? How do you reach your patients year-round and keep them engaged in your care?

Flu Shots, vaccinations, colonoscopies, diabetes management, mammograms, smoking cessation … the list goes on.  You can call your patients and hope to reach them or you can use Cliniconex to automate this  task.

With Cliniconex, patient education is automated, personalized and effortless.  Tell us how you prefer to reach your patients, then sit back and relax.  Cliniconex integrates with your EMR and makes year-round patient outreach automatic.

Registry Outreach

Make Your Patient Registry a Workflow!

You track your patients and compile registry lists in your EMR that group patients by disease type, demographic profile and screening preference but now what?

How do you reach these patients on a regular basis to initiate a care plan, set up an appointment or confirm adherence? A phone call? That is inefficient. Patients can fall through the cracks, and who wants to print off lists and play phone tag?

Turn your patient registry & disease registry lists into an automated workflow with Cliniconex.  Cliniconex integrates into your EMR so you never have to export a patient list.  Patient outreach from a registry list is automatic – by voice, email or text – whatever preferred method works for you and your patients.  Set up a program with messaging personalized for every patient that is driven by the patient’s specific circumstance, demographic and provider preference.  And because Cliniconex is a two-way outreach tool you’ll see the patient’s reply back in your EMR immediately after their response.

Health Education

Health Education is a Key Component for Your Patients

We know you want to keep your patients informed and engaged in their healthcare journey, and educational materials can be a key component.

However, providing patients with a stack of pamphlets and handouts during their annual visit, though well intentioned, typically results in an overwhelmed patient and unread materials.

With Cliniconex you can automatically send your patients curated and personalized educational materials, specific for their condition, demographic profile, and geography.  Studies show that materials which are relevant to the patient will be read and appreciated by them and isn’t that your goal for patient education?

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