Appointment Recalls

Encourage patients to be more involved

Appointment Recalls

Need to see a patient for follow up? Want to remind them it’s time for them to book their next appointment? Send them a message informing them of the need to contact your clinic.

✓  See patients in a timely manner following test results

✓  Increase patient compliance to treatment plans

✓  Inform patients of next steps to book their recall appointment

How it works

An effective patient recall strategy depends on timing and repetition. People need to be reminded several times to show up for their appointment. Having your staff call patients to remind them of a follow-up appointment is not only time-consuming and unproductive but runs a higher chance of patients not showing up.

Cliniconex’s recall system lets you reach your patients by their preferred mode of communication and receive confirmation of your patient’s responses. Patient recalls help re-engage patients, providing better health outcomes.

It’s easy for patients to fall through the cracks so having a simple, easy to use system in place encourages patients to be more involved and make more informed health decisions.

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