Booking Notifications

Take control of your booking notifications!

Booking Notifications

Stop time consuming and expensive manual mailouts informing your patients about their appointments. Automatically send booking notifications once appointments have been booked.

✓  The fastest and most reliable way to ensure your patient receive notification of their booked appointment

  No extra work for front end staff

✓  Send for only the specific appointment types, specialists, or locations you want

✓  Confirm receipt of the notification to ensure patients are aware of their appointment booking

How it works

No postage needed! Send out notifications to patients by text, email or phone automatically when an appointment is booked. Inform the patient of their appointment time, date, location and any other special instructions you would like to add.

Reduce the burden on your staff from the lengthy calls booking notifications require. Patients receive the notification automatically eliminating the need to depend on the referring provider to notify the patient.

Want added comfort in knowing the patients received the message, request a read receipt making sure no one slips between the cracks.

Case Study

Read how the Rideau Family Health Team use Booking Notifications and eliminated the phone tag that is calling patients to notify them of their appointments.

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