Clinic Cancellations

Need to notify your patients quickly and efficiently about clinic cancellations?

Clinic Cancellations

Nobody wants to cancel a clinic, but it happens. Automatically inform affected patients quickly and efficiently, within minutes, that their appointment has been cancelled.

  Whether 1 or 100 patients, future or same day appointments – all cancellation notifications can go out within minutes

  Eliminate the added burden on staff of calling each patient before their cancelled appointment time

  Reduce the stress of patients showing up needlessly

  Inform your patients of the next steps to rebook their appointment

How it works

In cases of provider scheduling conflicts or severe weather, there are times you need to let your patients know that their appointment has been cancelled. Regardless if it is the same day, or with a month’s notice, Cliniconex can send a targeted cancellation notification to your affected patients, no matter how many that might be, within minutes, directly from within your EMR. Your custom message can also let your patients know the next steps for rebooking.  No more worry over patients showing up needlessly for a cancelled appointment!

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