Patient Surveys

Free your office staff from the burden of managing in-office paper surveys

Patient Surveys

Patient care continues after they leave your clinic. Keep track of their progress with a simple health questionnaire. Find out how your clinic is doing and learn how to improve your patient’s clinic experience by sending out a patient satisfaction survey. All at a time and place convenient for them.

✓  Replace awkward in-house paper surveys with confidential, personalized automated surveys

✓  Trigger surveys to be sent based on information in the EMR that targets the patients you want to hear from

✓  Identify concerning trends and act on patient responses to provide better care

How it works

Targeted patient surveys allow you, as the provider, to ensure the continuum of care. From patient satisfaction surveys on their patient/provider experience following an in-clinic appointment to subjective symptoms surveys to help track your patient’s progress, Cliniconex can help ensure that the patient/provider relationship is never broken.

Patient surveys can provide a heads up to a provider that their patient is not progressing towards their health goal as expected, allowing the provider to intervene and alter the plan of care. Surveys can help identify areas of concern that might not otherwise be addressed until a future appointment, thus proactively heading off more serious issues.

Allow your patients to complete their surveys at a time, and in the manner they choose. Patients will provide you with more honest answers if they are not pressured to complete the surveys in a rushed, stressful environment, thus ensuring the highest quality of information captured in the survey.

This personal, proactive outreach will ensure your patients feel confident in their health care choices and will allow your clinic to continue providing them the best care.

✓  Surveys can be triggered from the date of appointment, the age of the patient, gender, location, etc.

✓   Patients can be contacted by email, text, or voice, either by clinic default or by per patient preference

✓  Brand messages with your logo, website link, contact information and more

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