Preventive Care Notifications

Keep your patients informed all year round – automatically!

Notify patients of important preventive care visits like mammograms and prostate screenings, flu shots, and more!

Each patient has their own ‘story’ and you see most patients but once a year for their wellness visit. What about the other 364 days? How do you reach your patients year-round and keep them engaged in your care?

Flu Shots, vaccinations, colonoscopies, diabetes management, mammograms, smoking cessation … the list goes on.  You can call your patients and hope to reach them or you can use Cliniconex to automate this task.

With Cliniconex, patient education is automated, personalized and effortless.  Tell us how you prefer to reach your patients, then sit back and relax.  Cliniconex integrates with your EMR and makes year-round patient outreach automatic.

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