Registry Outreach

Proactively reach your registry patients

Reach patients based on their current health issues and demographics to ensure they are receiving the care needed.

How do you reach these patients on a regular basis to initiate a care plan, set up an appointment or confirm adherence? A phone call? That is inefficient. Patients can fall through the cracks, and who wants to print off lists and play phone tag?

Turn your patient registry & disease registry lists into an automated workflow with Cliniconex.  Cliniconex integrates into your EMR so you never have to export a patient list.  Patient outreach from a registry list is automatic – by voice, email or text – whatever preferred method works for you and your patients.  Set up a program with messaging personalized for every patient that is driven by the patient’s specific circumstance, demographic and provider preference.  And because Cliniconex is a two-way outreach tool you’ll see the patient’s reply back in your EMR immediately after their response.

What Our Clients Say