About Cliniconex

Our mission is to keep vulnerable people at the center of their care.

Our Story

It is through a customer that Cliniconex came to be. Originally working together to create marketing automation software, it was a client at a medical clinic who asked CEO Anthony Mar and CTO Tom Phillips to create automated appointment reminders that didn’t require daily, manual attention. Cliniconex and our patient reminder suite was born.

Fast forward 9 years and it was another customer in long-term care who asked if we could do for her facility what we did for medical clinics. After a decade in the automation industry and we added Automated Care Messaging and senior care to our portfolio.

It is through our deep relationships with our users that reliable, flexible, dependable and scalable solutions have been created, and these pillars inform everything we do.

Why we do what we do

The devil is in the details. We pride ourselves on taking the time to make sure our solutions work the way our customers need them to. It is through their feedback and advocacy for their patients and residents that old ideas are adapted or new solutions have been created.

Whether it is supporting third-party systems our customers already know and love, or creating new solutions, our users are at the heart of everything we do. Their satisfaction is our main metric of success.

Our Founders


Being an engineer and entrepreneur is in his DNA, Anthony wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps - but how this ambition came to be is rooted in his family’s immigration story. His paternal great-grandfather came to Canada from China to work on the railroad while his maternal grandfather came to Canada and worked as a bank teller. Despite differing careers, both sides of his family opened and ran businesses (restaurants, laundromats, grocery stores) within the confines of Chinatown.

Anthony wanted to continue and expand on his family’s entrepreneurial spirit, and it was armed with a book his father gifted him about tech startups that gave him the confidence to begin down the path of entrepreneurship.

He sees Cliniconex’s greatest strength as its people (we all really like each other!) and is most proud of creating an environment where there are infinite opportunities to learn and be collaborative. It’s no surprise then that his advice to his younger self is to seek mentors as early as possible and not to think that all ideas need to be fully formed before you start working on making them a reality.

Start with a concept and keep connecting.


Growing up, Tom had aspirations of being a writer, but it was getting his first computer (a Commodore 64) and building games that ignited his passion for coding and technology. This led him to study computer systems engineering at Carleton University and use logic to solve problems.

His thoughtful, logical approach has led him to create foundational systems that are scalable and that do a lot with a little. He continues to focus on increasing functionality and features that remove manual processes while keeping the focus on people.

He is most proud of how quickly we can respond to customer requests, ensuring our solutions work for them and not the other way around. He doesn't want to just meet their expectations but exceed them.

Keeping true to his roots as a writer, Tom is committed to getting it right from the start and then letting the story unfold.

2021 CCX UK opens
2021 Over 1 million hours returned to care with ACM
2018 Partnership with PointclickCare
2018 Automating Care Messaging is launched with The Perley Rideau
20XX Telus Partnership
20XX QHR Whitelabeling/Partnership
2015 First customer SouthBank Medical
2009 Cliniconex was founded

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