Eye Clinic Sets Its Sights On The Future With A New EMR And Automated Patient Reminders

Man holding glasses away from his face

For more than three decades, Eye Associates has been a fixture in the Nepean, ON community. The clinic has seven ophthalmologists and one optometrist, each with its own office space and reception area. Associates also share an onsite lab, which allows patients to have their visual tests on the same day.

Out with the old, and in with the new

With the Nightingale EMR platform set to retire, Eye Associates started to evaluate new EMR options in early 2018 to help the clinic continue to support its several thousand patients for years to come.

In August 2018, Joanne Taylor, Business Office Manager for Eye Associates, coordinated the clinic’s conversion from the Nightingale to PS Suite EMR. The implementation followed months of careful planning with a TELUS Health project manager. “We spoke every week before we integrated,” she says. “The meetings really helped ensure we were organized and ready for each phase of implementation.”

Presently, two doctors are using PS Suite to its full potential. It’s just the beginning. As new doctors join the busy clinic, the advanced, new EMR is ready to support them and take them to the next level with ongoing updates and powerful add-on tools.

Seeing the benefits of automation

A month after implementing TELUS Health’s PS Suite, Joanne added Cliniconex’s customizable, automated patient appointment reminder service to increase clinic efficiency, enable better communications, and improve the patient experience.

Staff members can now send automated reminders and pre-appointment information to patients by voice, email or text – right from the EMR. The solution helps to reduce outbound call time, manage patient no-shows, and ensure patients are better prepared for their appointments.

Best of all, this TELUS Health integrated solution runs seamlessly in the background so staff can focus on what matters most: their patients. The end-to-end process from pre-sales to implementation runs smoothly. “We had a short phone call to discuss our needs, and that was it. There’s really nothing else to do.”

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