Cliniconex Announces Partnership With WELL Health To Bring Their Patient Engagement Solutions To More Canadian Healthcare Providers

WELL Health

Since its founding in 2009, Cliniconex has been focused on using technology to automate repetitive tasks to help medical clinics and their care teams focus on what matters most; direct patient care. We are proud to announce a new partnership with a company who is also focused on the digitization of healthcare; WELL Health is both a primary care operator and a technology innovator focused on digitizing the Canadian healthcare sector.

Together, we aim to bring our host of services for medical clinics to healthcare providers, empowering not only physicians and their staff, but their patients, with information to improve experiences and outcomes, while streamlining their healthcare journeys.

“Working towards a healthcare landscape where integrated technology elevates both the patient and provider is a focus Cliniconex shares with WELL Health. We are proud to partner with them at a time when virtual care has never been more important.” says Anthony Mar, CEO of Cliniconex. “With advanced engagement technology like Cliniconex’s, existing workflows  can be leveraged to deliver greater value to patients by coordinating care, while clinics can reduce the administrative burden on their frontline staff.” 

Ottawa based, Bariatric Medical Institute implemented Cliniconex five years ago to improve patient engagement without increasing the workload for their staff. Lorne Segal, Director of Operations for the clinic had this to say about the solution: “Cliniconex has created an automation ecosystem that makes everyone’s lives easier. Not only do we have the ability to make sure patients are coming to their appointments on time, but more so, to follow up to make sure they’ve gotten the value they need.” Bariatric Medical Institute has been using the OSCAR EMR solution for several years and has recently migrated to WELL Health in concert with Cliniconex. 

By offering Cliniconex’s Patient Reminders and NotificationsWaiting Room Concierge and Patient Surveys and Health Promotion solutions via WELL’s program, providers can leverage data from the OSCAR PRO EMR to streamline their outreach communications, manage both their in person and virtual waiting rooms, and gain better insights into their patient roster. 

To learn more about how we can help keep your patients better engaged throughout their healthcare journey, visit the marketplace.

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