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Cliniconex FAQ

February 27, 2019

Want to learn more about how the solution works? Below are some of the frequently asked questions our team receives.

  • How long is the setup?
    • After Cliniconex receives access to your EMR, it takes a quick 1-hour workflow session to get your clinic up and running.
  • Can we merge appointment reminders?
    • Yes! If a patient has more than one approaching appointment, we can merge the reminders so that your patients only receive one notification for all appointments.
  • Who is making the calls/texts/emails to our patients?
    • All of our notifications are electronically automated, allowing you to customize your messaging to fit your clinic’s needs.
  • Can we put the wait time display and patient queue display on our website?
    • Yes! Both the Wait Time Display and the Patient Queue Displays can be shown in your clinic or on your website. We can also personalize the look to match your clinic.
  • How soon can I set up a demo or meeting with the Cliniconex team?
    • Usually, our team can set up a demo/meeting with you the same day you get in touch.
  • How customizable is your messaging?
    • Our messaging is completely customizable- the sky’s the limit! Our team works with your clinic to ensure the messaging is exactly the way you want it.
  • Who provides the support for the services?
    • All of our technical support is done by our Cliniconex team, in-house, located in Ottawa, Ontario. Our support team usually responses within minutes of contact.
  • Where are you headquartered?
    • Our office is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • Can we add more providers as our clinic grows?
    • Yes, our solution grows with your clinic! No matter how many providers, patients, or appointment types your clinic adds, Cliniconex can help!
  • Can patients confirm or cancel by all methods of communication?
    • Yes! No matter voice, text, or email, your patients will be able to confirm or cancel their appointment by any method.
  • Is the messaging different if you use email vs text vs voice?
    • All messaging can be the same for each method of communication. You can modify each however you like.
  • Can you remind a patient more than once for the same appointment?
    • Yes! We can send multiple reminders to ensure patients are notified and prepared for their appointments.
  • Can we still use Cliniconex even if you don’t have an EMR/EHR?
    • Yes! We have a desktop version specifically made for clinics without an EMR/EHR
  • Can the messaging for each appointment type be different?
    • Yes! We can create different messaging with specific details for every appointment type.

Still have a question that hasn’t been answered? Have a chat with our team today!

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