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Helping Your Clinic Respond to COVID-19

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, your clinic is undoubtedly experiencing a higher volume of patients, calls, and questions.

Keep Patients Informed

Reducing the communications burden on front-line staff is the reason you implemented Cliniconex in the first place. The added strain COVID-19 is causing your clinic is something we can help with.

Patients want information and direction, but they also want to have confidence in their health care professional. Communicating critical information such as policies, procedures, and appointment changes has never been more important.

Cliniconex is ensuring clinics focus on providing better care by helping them update special messaging about the outbreak. We have also implemented pre-screening questions that direct patients to cancel appointments if they answer “yes”.

How We Can Help

If your clinic has not already reached out for special messaging, please do so. We will also be happy to share best practices and assist you in crafting the right messaging to get the word out.

Here are a few messaging examples that we have added to some reminders/notifications:

Use Cases: Adapting Cliniconex During COVID-19

Our team has been meeting with providers and clinic staff to better understand what healthcare and patient engagement is looking like in their clinics during the pandemic. Here are some ways Cliniconex can help you navigate the new path forward.
Remain In Your Vehicle Message
Upon arriving at the clinic for your appointment, stay in your vehicle

Send a text message or call a previously given number to check-in

You will then be called or sent a text message when the physician is ready to see you and asked to come into the clinic

Follow any COVID-19 specific protocols in place

Reminder for A Phone Appointment
A reminder with date and time and a reminder not to come into the doctor's office

The physician will contact you close to the scheduled time

The physician may call from a blocked phone number

Be ready to receive a phone call from your clinician 3-5 minutes before the appointment is scheduled to start

Please be ready and in a private setting to speak openly

Reminder For A Virtual Appointment
Receive an e-mail invitation with appointment details, video link, and instructions

Please join your virtual appointment 3-5 minutes before the scheduled start time

Please note, you MUST have a unique email address, which cannot be a shared email address due to privacy concerns

Please be ready and in a private setting to speak openly

Ready To Reactivate?

You’re reopening your clinic! There’s a lot to do, and we want to get you up and running as soon as possible. Due to increased demand, we're scheduling workflow sessions two weeks in advance. Make Cliniconex one of the first items on the re-boot to-do list, as there's a new workflow session to schedule to make sure the tool is working exactly as you need it to.

Not only are we thrilled with our customized automated reminder system, but our patients are pleased to utilize this up-to-date system. Cliniconex is cost efficient and has saved our staff many hours on the phone confirming patient appointments.