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Health Quality Improvement

Patient experience surveys are a great way to check the pulse of your clinic, but gathering and formatting patient data is often difficult and time-consuming.
there's a better way

HQI makes patient surveying & health promotion easy.

HQI is a secure web app designed to help medical clinics and family health teams gain more insight into their patient roster while building actionable quality improvement plans they can measure against.

Send health promotion messages

A well informed patient is a healthy patient.
Send targeted health promotion messages using EMR demographic data

Survey patients post-visit

Quality feedback is timely.
Query patients within days of their visit; while their experience is top of mind.

Build and measure your QIP

Good Quality Improvement Plans are key.
Collect data and produce meaningful insights with integrated tools

HQI comes pre-loaded with

EMR integration for added demographic insight

Thanks to its seamless integration into EMRs from leading vendors such as QHR Technologies and TELUS Health, HQI provides users with additional demographic data such as: age, location, medical conditions, provider, gender and language.

Curated health promotion messages and surveys

HQI comes pre-loaded with dozens of research-based surveys and curated health promotion messages developed in collaboration with University of Ottawa and Monfort Hospital researchers. The app also provides users with recommended online resources and contacts to assist while building their Quality Improvement Plans.

An autonomous sampling engine that will survey patients post-visit

HQI's autonomous sampling engine is configured to adapt to your clinic's workflows and rules. Once configured, it will automatically collect patient data post-visit to ensure higher response rates and more accurate data.

A best-practice guided approach to building quality improvement plans

HQI provides users with an interactive tool for building annual Quality Improvement Plans in the Ministry's standard format. The application also allows users to set goals and measure progress over time.

Patient-facing and government-mandated report templates

HQI allows you to export patient-facing as well as government-mandated reports with the click of a button (currently available in the HQO Workplan format)

Patient privacy safeguards

HQI automatically de-identifies data at the earliest stages of collection to ensure patient information is private and secure.

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Why use HQI?

1. Higher response rates and more accurate survey data: With HQI's autonomous sampling engine, it has the ability to trigger survey requests to patients right after their visit.

2. Doubles data analysts' productivity: Spend less time gathering and formatting survey data and more time developing Quality Improvement plans.

3. Improves practice operations: A best-in-class approach to build quality improvement plans that are centered on patient feedback & experience.

4. Increases patients' medical literacy: Curated content ready for you to send to your patients to promote a healthier lifestyle.

increased productivity of data analysts
higher response rates to surveys

“Cliniconex has helped Manitoulin Central FHT improve our response rates for our patient surveys by an estimated 85%. As a result, we are better equipped to measure patient satisfaction on an on-going basis and are able to build comprehensive quality improvement plans.”

Think HQI can help your clinic improve patient experience?

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Educate & Collect

Trigger Survey Collection & Health Promotion messages based on set objectives


Explore results in real-time and cross-reference EMR Data (demographics etc.)

Identify & Plan

Identify areas of improvement and build a plan using HQI’s guided approach, tools & resources


Act based on insights from patient-generated data. Rinse and repeat!