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Patient Reminders & Notifications

Capture every opportunity to connect with your patients. From initial referral to appointment reminders, surveys and beyond, keep your patients informed and confident on their healthcare journey.

A patient engagement solution built to map your clinic's uniqueness.

Cliniconex helps your clinic focus on patients by automating repetitive patient outreach tasks. Our solution integrates with your EMR and adapts to your clinic’s workflows and rules ensuring messages are customized to every patient and their needs, and best of all, reaches them via their preferred method - whether that is voice, text or email.

Reduce No-Shows

Cliniconex customers report an average of 53% reduction in no-shows. Proactively reach-out to patients so you can fill those empty slots and ultimately increase clinic revenue.

Reduce the Burden on Staff

Let's face it, your front-end staff is busy. Help reduce your outbound and inbound call volume and allow your team to focus on what matters most: patients.

Increase Clinic Revenue

Your success relies on your ability to see patients efficiently. Cliniconex ensures your schedule is optimized and that patients have the info needed to arrive, on-time, prepared, and ready to be treated.

Appointment Reminders

Win back hours of clinic staff time by automatically reminding patients of their upcoming appointments, with patient responses updated directly into your EMR.

Clinic Cancellations

Nobody wants to cancel a clinic, but it happens. Automatically inform affected patients quickly and efficiently, within minutes, that their appointment has been cancelled.

Preventive Care

Notify patients of important preventive care visits like mammograms and prostate screenings, flu shots, and more. Target patients based on EMR data an notify them with ease.

Booking Notifications

Automatically send booking notifications once appointments have been booked in your EMR. Stop time consuming and expensive manual mailouts.

Waitlist Management

Waiting to see a specialist can be stressful. Keep your patients informed of their status on your waitlist by sending automated updates at regular intervals.

Bulk Notifications

Notify patients of important clinic information such as accepting new patients, changes in hours, upcoming flu shot clinics and more. Target your entire roster or a subsection with ease.

Appointment Recalls

Need to see a patient for follow-up? Want to remind them it’s time for them to book their next appointment? Send them a message informing them of the need to contact your clinic.

Keep your patients informed with voice, email and text notifications


a computer screen with an appointment confirmation email


a cell phone with an appointment reminder text


Don't see you EMR? Please get in touch, there's a great chance our flex adapter can help.

Schedule appointments in your EMR

Work as you normally would in your EMR. Schedule an appointment, cancel or modify it.

Cliniconex informs patients as needed

Cliniconex automatically works in the background to apply your clinic’s rules and procedures and notify patients as needed.

Patients confirm or cancel

Patients can confirm or cancel upcoming appointments on their preferred device.

Statuses are automatically updated in your EMR

When integrated into your EMR, Cliniconex automatically updates statuses in your EMR and can notify your staff via email if needed.

“This is a viable solution as it is saving our clinic staff hours wasted on phone calls.”

“The best part was that the implementation was very smooth. After the initial workflow analysis was complete it was smooth sailing. We turned it on, we tested it out and we are very, very pleased.”

“The Cliniconex team has been great to work with. They’re very responsive, always kept me in the loop, and they rose to the occasion with our technology demands.”

“The service quality and the careful support from the people who develop the system changed my views on automated patient outreach.”

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