Cliniconex Gives Back: How We’re Contributing To Our Community

Give Back

Cliniconex is a company that focuses not just on our customers in healthcare but on our community as a whole. Over the past several years, Cliniconex has supported everything from local sports teams, to air cadets, to funds for families during a loss. As the holidays grow near, our thoughts turned to those who have been deeply impacted by the pandemic, and how, for some, this holiday season there may be less to celebrate. What was a meaningful way we could help those around us?

The solution? All Cliniconex employees were encouraged to bring forward causes that they find impactful, important, or are near and dear to them.

Recently, two of our team members proposed a donation to The Ottawa Food Bank because: 

“With all the school and local food drives having been cancelled, the food bank is in desperate need of money to help distribute fresh and non-perishable food to local families during this time.” and “With so many out of work heading into the winter/holiday season, I feel like having emergency food relief is going to be more important than ever. It’s going to be the toughest time of the year for people, and if they can get access to food when they really need it, it could really help make this time a little brighter and easier.”

The entire team voted to support this suggestion, and as such, Cliniconex has chosen to donate $1,000 to The Ottawa Food Banks’ Holiday Free From Hunger Program where a holiday hamper costing just $36 can fill a fridge for a family, providing not only a holiday meal but some cheer.

Helping People Get Beyond Hunger

Since 1984, the Ottawa Food Bank has been providing food and supplies to over 37,000 families and individuals throughout the Ottawa area every year. Not only do they collect non-perishable food items, they work with local farmers and accept fresh produce donations, but grow their own food through their Community Harvest Program. 

In terms of impact, the Ottawa Food Bank has a large one. For every dollar donated, $5 worth of food is delivered to the community, while 43% of the food they provide contains fresh items like milk, eggs and produce. 

As a charity, they rely on the generosity not only of donors but of their volunteers. Check out their volunteer page to see if The Ottawa Food Bank or one of their 112 member agencies is the right fit for you. 

Join Us During The Season of Giving

The goal of this, and any, donations made by Cliniconex is to support worthy causes, and we hope you’ll consider donating a few dollars to a local charity or organization that means something to you. Small actions can have a large impact, and in a rather challenging year, we encourage you to join us in bringing a little light to someone’s life.

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