Webinar: Reduce staff workload and increase patient engagement

Use your EMR to automate outreach and save staff hours of calls


September 22,2022

Doctors and their staff are chronically overworked, and unlike other professions, they cannot reduce the administrative side of running a medical clinic to ease their workload. 

While administrative duties are here to stay, there are plenty of ways medical offices can spend less time on them, allowing staff to focus on patients. Automating outreach directly from the information in your EMR is a good place to start, especially for tedious and repetitive tasks. 


You will learn:

  1. How to save your staff time and reduce no-shows by automating repetitive time-consuming tasks
  2. How automation can reduce costs and increase productivity
  3. How customized workflows can meet the specific needs of your practice
  4. How to leverage the technology and information you already have in your EMR to keep patients engaged and informed before, during, and after their appointments

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