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COVID-19 Planning and Emergency Reponse

Keeping resident families informed of their loved one's status is critical in an emergency.
Automated Care Messaging enables your Care Team to communicate effectively with families so they can focus on what matters: providing direct front-line care to residents.

What Is Automated Care Messaging?

As COVID-19 continues to severely impact senior care facilities, nursing staff continue to work diligently to prevent the spread of the virus.

Communicating ever-changing rules and procedures to resident families and loved ones is critical to maintaining trust and confidence in care teams, while also alleviating their stress caused by lack of information. Automated Care Messaging by Cliniconex is designed to improve communication through secure, easy and reliable message delivery.

Communication is a key component of any Emergency Preparedness plan. Our solutions are easy to deploy and require little-to-no training. Automated Care Messaging can help you save time

How We Can Help

In an effort to improve family outreach, Cliniconex has decided to waive all implementation, set-up, and configuration fees for our Automated Care Messaging solution during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Over the past few weeks, we have made significant investments in Operations and R&D to reduce the time needed to deploy.

We are now committing to a 48-hour turnaround time from PointClickCare Marketplace API activation to deployment.

Why Are We Doing This

We believe this is a critical point in time and want to do our part in helping senior care facilities protect the health of their residents. Keeping loved ones informed is essential to preventing the spread of this outbreak. Furthermore, care teams and staff must have their time and focus directed towards providing direct front-line care - not spending hours making manual outreach phone calls.

You should have the best tools available to make your Emergency Preparedness plan as robust and effective as possible. We believe our solution can help you do that.

Why waive implementation fees? We understand that time is of the essence; budgetary and stakeholder approval can take time. The outlook with COVID19 is changing daily and early access to information can save lives. Cliniconex wants to equip homes with the tools they need to get the word out effectively.

What's Next?

To discuss the next steps please send an email to info@cliniconex.com. Within a matter of days, our team will equip your facility with Cliniconex’s Automated Care Messaging app so you can broadcast messages to your entire resident family community on an as needed basis.

We will also be happy to share best practices and help you craft the right messaging to get the word out.

We can help senior care homes protect their residents.

This is a critical point in time and we want to help senior care homes protect their residents.

Our processes have been streamlined and we have realized efficiencies most noticeable in mass communications. In the event of an outbreak or emergency we have been able to enhance our process ensuring effective communication without diverting team members from other duties. We’ve decided to implement this platform across all of our 27 long-term care homes.