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Resident Family Engagement

Keeping resident families informed of their loved one's status is critical and often mandated in certain jurisdictions. Manual call-outs are time consuming and keep your staff from providing direct care to residents.

Return time to care with automated resident family engagement.

Return time to care with Cliniconex’s Automated Care Messaging solution. Free your nursing staff from countless hours of manual phone outreach by enabling them to initiate voice, text and email notifications using existing resident family contact information stored in your EHR. With Cliniconex, staff can trigger outbreak & emergency notifications, policy change notices, social announcements or send family surveys to POAs within seconds. Routine communication for care coordination and care plan reminders can also be triggered through automated workflows.

Cliniconex's urgent, routine and ongoing communication tools are designed for use in skilled nursing, assisted living and continuing care retirement communities alike. Our solutions are easy to deploy and require little-to-no training.

Return Time to Care

Automate repetitive time-consuming tasks and allow your nursing staff to focus on what matters most: caring for residents.

Increase Family Engagement

Keep Resident Families informed of their loved one's upcoming medical appointments, care plan reviews and any urgent situations with push notifications to their preferred devices.

Reduce Operational Costs

Your high-value nursing resources are spending countless hours manually engaging with resident families. Reallocate resources towards meaningful tasks and improve cost predictability.

URGENT Outbreak & Safety Notifications

Keep resident families apprised of outbreaks, emergency information and important facility policy changes. The Cliniconex App enables facility administrators to initiate one-to-many notifications within seconds to target resident family contacts of a specific unit and/or facility. Cliniconex applies pre-established corporate branding and workflow rules to send messages to contacts stored in your EHR via voice, text or email (according to family contact preferences). The service also allows families to confirm receipt of the message or request a callback.

Emergency information, such as power outages outbreaks or evacuations, need to be conveyed as quickly as possible. Cliniconex allows you to contact all affected resident families within minutes, ensuring the timely delivery of critical information, with little to-no staff effort required.

ROUTINE Care Coordination & Care Plan Notices

Coordinate resident family attendance and better prepare them for upcoming medical appointments, care conferences and care plan reviews. Cliniconex's routine engagement service allows facilities to create a series of workflow rules triggered by events created in your EHR's Resident Calendar. Notifications are automatically sent to resident family contacts based on pre-established rules via their preferred method of communication (voice, text or email). Resident family members can confirm or deny attendance as well as request a callback directly from their device.

Care coordination for both internal and external resident appointments is time-consuming. Cliniconex allows you to automatically remind resident families of their loved one’s appointments. Your staff needs to focus on direct care, not chase POAs. Best of all, you can even include special instructions based on the appointment type, ensuring families arrive on time, well-informed and prepared.

Curious to see what impact Cliniconex could have on your facility?

Check out our ROI calculator. You'll be amazed by how much you're spending on Resident Family Engagement today.

ONGOING Family Surveys

Allow resident families to provide program feedback, aid in quality improvement, or update the progress of a discharged convalescent resident. Ensure families maintain their voice in resident care, while providing valuable feedback to your facility. The results of feedback and post discharge surveys can help improve the quality of services provided, as well as let you know where you are meeting or exceeding expectations.
A simple deployment with little to no effort from your IT or operational staff

From product to deployment.
No complicated project plan in between.

Turn on your EHR's API

Work with your with EHR vendor’s reps to enable 3rd party API access.

Attend a Workflow Session

Schedule your 2-hour workflow session with one of our Resident Family Communications experts.

Communicate with your stakeholders

Review your messaging and inform your Resident Family Community.

Go live and return time to care

Return hours of care on a routine basis and when it matters most.

“With this service in place we can proactively involve family member and caregivers, resulting in better care for the residents.”

“We have introduced Cliniconex in all seven of our long term care homes and are thrilled with the impact it has had thus far. We have been able to redirect hours of time back to residents that would have otherwise been spent making and documenting manual outbound calls. The app is both easy to install and to use. “

It’s all about returning time to care. Automating resident family engagement meant that we could have our nurses spend their time where it matters most, providing direct care to the resident.

Our processes have been streamlined and we have realized efficiencies most noticeable in mass communications. In the event of an outbreak or emergency we have been able to enhance our process ensuring effective communication without diverting team members from other duties. We’ve decided to implement this platform across all of our 27 long-term care homes.

We're ready to help you return time to care