Health Quality Improvement (HQI)

Use data to help you make decisions while ensuring that each patient is engaged as a partner in their care.

HQI makes patient surveying and health promotion easy.

Gain insight into your patient roster by using the data within your EMR to send targeted surveys and messages. Use the data you get back to build actionable Quality Improvement Plans.

  • Improve care and patient engagement
  • Send surveys to targeted demographics
  • Share health promotion information and resources with patients
  • Improve quality while containing cost
  • Measure outcomes against your peers
  • Patient information is kept private and secure
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Send Health Promotion Messages

A well informed patient is a healthy patient. Send targeted health promotion messages about mental health, back pain, cannabis use, or any other subject, using EMR demographic data.

Send Post-Visit Surveys

Quality feedback is timely. Query patients within days of their visit; while their experience is top of mind. Information is streamlined inside one platform to make data driven outreach, collection, analysis and reporting efficient and cost effective.

Build & Measure Your QIP

Integrated tools collect data and produce meaningful insights to guide practice decisions. Better yet, Quality Improvement Plan activities also contribute towards continuing professional development certification credits.

Why use HQI?

Increase response rates and get more accurate survey data

With HQI's autonomous sampling engine, trigger survey requests to patients right after their visit.

Double data analysts productivity

EMR integration streamlines outreach and data collection while formatting survey data; leaving more time for developing measureable Quality Improvement Plans.

Engage and educate your patients

Improve the overall quality of care by making health care more patient-centered, reliable, accessible, and safe.


Higher response rates to surveys


Increased productivity of data analysts

See HQI in action with The Canadian Primary Care Information Network (CPIN).

Learn More About CPIN

What You Get With HQI

EMR Integration

Thanks to its seamless integration into EMRs from leading vendors such as QHR Technologies and TELUS Health, HQI provides users with additional demographic data such as age, location, medical conditions, provider, gender and language; providing insights that wouldn’t be possible without EMR integration.

Curated Messages

HQI comes pre-loaded with dozens of research-based surveys and curated health promotion messages developed in collaboration with University of Ottawa and Monfort Hospital researchers. The app also provides users with recommended online resources and contacts to assist while building their Quality Improvement Plans.

Autonomous Sampling

HQI’s autonomous sampling engine is configured to adapt to your clinic’s workflows and rules. Once configured, it will automatically collect patient data post-visit to ensure higher response rates and more accurate data.


HQI provides users with an interactive tool for building annual Quality Improvement Plans in the Ministry’s standard format. The application also allows users to set goals and measure progress over time.


HQI allows you to export patient-facing as well as government-mandated reports with the click of a button (currently available in the HQO Workplan format).

Privacy Safeguards

HQI automatically de-identifies data at the earliest stages of collection to ensure patient information is private and secure. Any Personal Health Information collected is in accordance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) in Canada and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of the United States of America.

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