Patient Reminders and Notifications

Automate patient outreach to save your staff time while customized messages match your workflows and ensure your patients are informed and up to date

Patient engagement solutions
made to be as unique your clinic.

Automate repetitive patient outreach so you can focus on your patients. Our solutions integrate with your EMR and adapt to your workflows – not the other way around.

  • Leverage your technology
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Improve patient satisfaction and experience
  • Increase clinic revenue
  • Highly customizeable
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Why Automation?

Save valubale staff time and keep patients engaged. EMR integration means messages are automatically sent and responses are logged. Communicate with patients on their preferred devices via voice, text or email.

Appointment Reminders

Save staff hours of time and minimize no-shows. Instructions based on appointment type ensure patients arrive prepared.

Booking Notifications

Put an end to expensive mailouts. Let patients know their appointment is booked as soon as you schedule it in your EMR.

Bulk Notifications

Easily target your entire patient roster or a specific subsection with important clinic news or information like new hours, new doctors or upcoming flu shot clinics.

Clinic Cancellations

Sometimes you have to cancel. Let affected patients know within minutes that their appointment is cancelled.

Waitlist Management

Let you patients know their specialist waitlist status by sending automatic updates at regular intervals.

Appointment Recalls

Need to see a patient for follow-up? Send them a message informing them of the need to contact your clinic.

Preventive Care

Target patients based on their EMR data and notify them about mammograms, diabetes clinics, flu shots or other preventative care visits.

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