Automated Care Platform for Medical Clinics

Personalize patient experiences while maximizing efficiencies by saving up to 4 hours daily through automated outreach.

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Automated Care Platform: Easy as 1,2,3

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    Easy to Implement:

    Get started in no time. Our intuitive platform integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, so you can be up and running within days of activation.

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    Easy to Use:

    Onboarding takes one hour. That’s it. Need more time and help? We offer as many free onboarding sessions as you need and our support team (of real people!) is always on standby to help.

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    Easy to Scale:

    As your practice grows, ACP grows with you. Our flexible platform adapts to the changing needs of your clinic, ensuring that you always have the tools you need to deliver exceptional care.

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manual outreach

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The impact of Automated Care MessagingThe impact of Cliniconex appointment reminders

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Let patients know their appointment is booked as soon as you schedule it in your EMR.

Booking Notification

Instructions are sent based on appointment type ensuring patients arrive prepared.

Appointment Reminder

Need to see a patient for follow-up? Send them a message informing them of the need to contact your clinic.


Let patients know their status with your specialist clinic by sending automatic updates at regular intervals.

Waitlist Management

Sometimes you have to cancel. Let affected patients know within minutes that their appointment is cancelled.


Easily target your entire patient roster or a specific subsection with important clinic news or information like new hours, new doctors or upcoming clinics.

Bulk Notifications

Target patients based on their EMR data and notify them about mammograms, diabetes clinics, flu shots or other preventative care visits.

Preventative Care Notice

How can automation
help your clinic?

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