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Cliniconex UK

North America’s fastest growing resident family engagement solution goes transatlantic - expanding our team and reach to new shores.

Continuing our mission to put patients & residents at the centre of healthcare.

Since beginning our journey in 2009 Cliniconex has been committed to changing the face of patient and resident family engagement in healthcare. For us, this goal means helping to inspire change that is not only felt across institutions but borders too.

We have created a dedicated new UK division of Cliniconex that will work closely alongside our headquarters to bring Automated Care Messaging (ACM) to UK long-term care facilities. Our UK team will continue our mission, to facilitate the work of care teams, and to put patients and residents at the heart of care.

Partnerships have been fundamental to what we have achieved in North America, particularly as ACM integrates with care management systems with electronic patient records. We see collaboration with the UK’s healthcare ecosystem as integral to what we aim to achieve moving forwards. If you would like to connect with us or find out how we could work together, please get in touch here.

Our focus, bringing Automated Care Messaging to the UK.

Cliniconex UK will start its journey with one clear objective: returning time to care. Our experience in long-term care has shown us that all care homes balance regular challenges concerning staffing pressures, slim budgets and maintaining standards - even at the best of times.


After seeing the increased burden COVID-19 has had on senior care in North America, we worked tirelessly to bring our ACM solution to 1,100 facilities in just six weeks. By waiving implementation costs to maximise our reach, we upgraded existing communication processes for over 100,000 residents and their families, returning tens of thousands of hours of care.

COVID-19 has placed a spotlight on care homes and it has never been so critical to adopt efficient, auditable processes that can support varying degrees of demands and pressures. By choosing ACM as our flagship solution for the UK, we seek to directly address these challenges, both inherent and new.


Automated Care Messaging (ACM) is a tool for contacting resident families, staff and other stakeholders, optimizing existing communication processes through a light touch, autonomous solution. ACM allows staff to conduct outreach in minutes, saving them hours of time spent on manual outreach.

Using existing contact information stored by care homes; voice, text (SMS) and email notifications can inform loved ones of an outbreak, emergency, policy change notifications and social announcements. All of these communications are automatically logged, creating a clear audit trail and ensuring regulatory compliance.

We live in at a time where communication, and the proactive sharing of information, has never been more important. Cliniconex can help care teams and families.

Our UK team

Paddy Gardner
Head of Business Development (UK)
Ellie Seddon
Head of Accounts (UK)
Sotos Hadjipanayi
Partner Integration Lead (UK)
Giorgos Andreou
Implementation Lead (UK)
Emily Fothergill
Head of Technical Support (UK)

ACM better connects care homes, improving emergency preparedness, while alleviating budgetary and time pressures at the same time.