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UK Automated Care Messaging

Care providers and care staff work diligently to protect and support each other, their residents, and their families. Having a clear and sustainable communication plan to engage with the care community is key.

What is Automated Care Messaging?

Communicating ever-changing rules and procedures to resident families, their loved ones, and staff is critical to maintaining trust, confidence, and cooperation. Automated Care Messaging by Cliniconex is designed to improve your home’s communication through secure, easy, and reliable message delivery.

Our solution automates your communication workflow, providing a streamlined and centralised system that accommodates the needs of your staff and families. Automated Care Messaging is built to fit right into your current processes, with easy deployment and little-to-no training needed, so it’s there whenever you need it.

To see how our solution compares to current methods - see our discovery page.

Automated Care Message can be used to improve engagement with families, staff, other stakeholders and service users. Our team is on hand to show you how it can work for you and your care community.

How does it work?

Sending a message with Automated Care Messaging is as easy as opening the Cliniconex web app, choosing a template, and selecting the relevant home or unit.

Using your existing contact information; voice, text (SMS) and email notifications can inform loved ones and staff of emergencies, policy changes and general announcements.

Recipients are prompted to respond, confirming they have both received and understood the message, saving your staff time playing phone tag or manually managing responses.

All responses are automatically logged, creating an auditable trail for regulatory compliance.

How can we help?

COVID-19 vaccination
We want to do our part in helping care homes protect the health of their residents, keep families close and staff up to date.

Providing truly person-centred care requires the cooperation of both your staff and your resident families. During urgent situations, such as those posed by the pandemic, keeping everyone involved and engaged is key. Yet the need to regularly update and inform people can overwhelm staff in critical situations and take time away from care when it’s needed most.

To ensure that your risk management processes are as robust and effective as possible, your team should have the best tools available to communicate and coordinate in the most efficient way possible. We believe our solution can help you do just that.

See tips for effectively communicating your vaccination plan here.

Not the right time?

If manual processes are burdening your care teams but you’re too busy to change them, you’re not alone. 70% of providers use paper-based systems to coordinate, communicate and manage everyday tasks. However many things may need an upgrade, finding out which tools are the best fit for your home takes time that you simply might not have.

This is why, for the rest of 2021 when you register your interest in Automated Care Messaging in the form below, you can save up to £500 per home, when you're ready.

We are confident that we can help you return valuable time and resources to your home. If you’d like to explore how our tool can work alongside your current processes, let’s chat!