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Often it’s not until disaster strikes that we realise the limitations of tools we use daily. Finding time to reflect and take action can be difficult. This page is designed to help care providers consider if their communication tools are fit for purpose.

How manual processes drain a workforce

Flexibility, adaptability, and consistency are core principles in social care and have been demonstrated in abundance by care workers across the UK during the response to COVID-19. To ensure those in long-term care can focus on caring for their residents, it is becoming more important that their tools and processes share these same qualities.

While the detriment of manual processes may not be felt as much on a ‘normal’ day, in urgent or emergency situations inefficiencies often result in unexpected overspend and take time away from care when it’s needed most.

COVID-19 has brought to the fore the need for communication processes that allow risk management protocols to be actioned instantly, without the need to change tack at the peak of a crisis. Many care homes have utilised channels such as emails, social media, and group messaging to keep families and staff informed, but are these processes truly sustainable in the long-term?

The simplified graph below shows how these communication processes rate in terms of:


Assurance that a message has been received and understood.

Process Efficiency

Time spent coordinating outreach and for the message to be delivered to the recipient.

Record Keeping

How well communication is logged internally and recorded for regulatory audits.

Recipient Suitability

Accommodating for recipients’ individual preferences and needs.

While each method has its purpose, none are designed with emergency preparedness in mind.

At Cliniconex, we specialise in communication workflow automation in health and social care, returning thousands of hours to staff throughout the pandemic. Regardless of which methods you currently use, Automated Care Messaging is built to fit your needs, centralising urgent communication so nothing is compromised and everyone is reassured and informed at no additional cost.

We live in at a time where communication, and the proactive sharing of information, has never been more important. Cliniconex can help care teams and families.