Integrated Partners

Cliniconex provides automated patient communications to EMR/EHR vendors via deep integration, allowing for a seamless experience for EMR/EHR users. These customers are so satisfied with the capabilities created by Cliniconex that we have become certified partners.

Once satisfied with the capabilities embedded within their EMR/EHR, clinics are increasingly looking for more effective and efficient capabilities for automating patient communications such as booking notifications, reminders, and surveys. For many EMR/EHR vendors, having this capability has become important to remain competitive and retain their customers.

Cliniconex is proud to have partnerships and deep integrations with the following EMR/EHR vendors:

Telus EMR

Developed by physicians for physicians, TELUS Health improves collaboration, enhances patient outcomes and provides access to critical patient data anywhere, anytime. Our EMRs support you with what you need to deliver the optimal health outcome at the point of care.


At QHR we believe EMR is a big deal for healthcare professionals. It is a revolutionary system that keeps you organized, provides the greatest access to information and ultimately, helps you do your job better.


OSCAR is open-source Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software that was first developed at McMaster University by Dr. David Chan. It is continuously enriched by contributions from OSCAR users and the Charter OSCAR Service Providers that support them.


Healthquest’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) feature allows you to design electronic charts for each patient, recording the critical data needed for diagnosis and treatment. Having patient information in a central, electronic location means data can be shared easily with a patient’s healthcare team.


The YMS EMR is an extremely versatile and well supported electronic medical record (EMR) suitable for specialized and general practice. This unique solution respects the physician’s current style and record keeping preference, permitting the electronic document management capabilities to add new efficiencies to their practice. YMS is locally owned, operated, and supported, making our team of experts best suited to serve Ontario Physicians. For more information contact or visit at

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