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Empowering senior care and senior living organizations to manage their reputation, comply with regulations and increase revenue by creating 1 million hours in operational efficiencies annually. 

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    Start seeing results almost instantly. Our platform's simple integration means you'll be up and running in days, not weeks or months.

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    One hour is all you need to be fully trained! Our support team is always on standby - but you probably won’t need them.

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    As your organization evolves , ACP evolves with you. It grows and changes alongside your community's needs, ensuring you always have the tools to provide exceptional care.

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Current cost of
manual outreach

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The impact of Automated Care MessagingThe impact of Cliniconex appointment reminders

Time returned to care each month


Resource and operational efficiency gain


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Before: Use the Care Plan Conference template in the in-app library.

During: Enable family members to provide agenda items ahead of the meeting.

After: Customize follow-up communications with AI to balance clinical and personalized communication.

Care Plan Coordination

Before: Send a poll for dates and times for family to meet with the care team to review the discharge process.

During: Send a reminder the day before discharge with attached documents for review or signature.

After: Schedule check-in messages to send every few days post-discharge with reminders of outpatient services.

Discharge Planning

Before: Ask residents if they are willing to provide a review or referral.

During: Send willing residents the link or form to leave a review or to provide a referral.

After: Send a digital gift card as a thank you.

Gain Referrals

Before: Have staff confirm their first shift.

During: Send policies, procedures and training reminders.

After: Send a survey asking for feedback on their onboarding experience.

Staff Satisfaction

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