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Every day, Cliniconex helps more than 5,000 medical professionals & senior care providers engage with patients

Healthcare solutions that adapt to your workflows and needs

Cliniconex takes a unique approach to patient and resident family engagement. We believe that software should adapt to the way your organization works, and not the other way around. Our flexible solutions ensure your clinic's workflows and processes are never compromised.

We believe that every patient/resident interaction should be highly targeted and personalized to ensure the best possible experience. Our goal is always to maintain the level of personalization required while automating repetitive tasks so care providers can focus on what matters most: caring for patients/residents.

Patient Engagement

Win back hours of clinic staff time and reduce no-shows by automatically reminding patients of their upcoming appointments and keeping them informed throughout their healthcare journey.

Patient Surveys & Health Promotion

HQI (Health Quality Improvement) makes patient experience surveys & health promotion a breeze. The secure web app is designed to help medical clinics and primary care teams gain more insight into their patient roster while building actionable quality improvement plans they can measure against.

Resident Family Engagement

Cliniconex ties into existing EHRs to provide nurses and administrators the tools they need to communicate with resident families without losing time or resources to manual call-outs.

Waiting Room Concierge

Display estimated wait times and up-to-date patient queues without any need for staff intervention or monitoring. Waiting Room Concierge ties directly into your EMR to automatically calculate wait times and update them as the day progresses.

It’s all about returning time to care. Automating resident family engagement meant that we could have our nurses spend their time where it matters most, providing direct care to the resident.

“WE LOVE Cliniconex! What a difference already.  It’s so nice to come in in the morning and see “Reminder Confirmed” all down the line, or when patients actually phone a couple of days in advance to cancel their appointment. We should have done this a long time ago!”

“This is a viable solution as it is saving our clinic staff hours wasted on phone calls.”

“The best part was that the implementation was very smooth. After the initial workflow analysis was complete it was smooth sailing. We turned it on, we tested it out and we are very, very pleased.”

“The Cliniconex team has been great to work with. They’re very responsive, always kept me in the loop, and they rose to the occasion with our technology demands.”

“The service quality and the careful support from the people who develop the system changed my views on automated patient outreach.”

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Why Cliniconex?


Reduce No-shows

Less no-shows means more revenue and happier physicians


Increase Satisfaction

Set the expectation and better inform your patients


Lower Operational Costs

Automate manual processes allowing your staff to be more productive


Return Time to Care

Let staff focus on what really matters: patients and residents


Set It And Forget It

Once implemented, Cliniconex runs in the background reliably


Make The Most Of Your EMR/EHR

You've invested in IT infrastructure; leverage it to its full potential.