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Webinar: The value of HealthIT in an emergency

You can’t control when a crisis hits. But you can ensure your tech is working for you when it does.

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Happy Pride Month: embracing LGBTQ+ seniors

June, and Pride Month 2023, have begun. A time of celebration, love, and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community and its […]

building trust
Building trust: the foundation of a senior care reputation

In senior care, building trust is the cornerstone upon which all other aspects of caregiving and reputation management stand. It […]

Technology for compliance: tips for senior care providers

Senior care providers face many challenges in today’s healthcare landscape, particularly when it comes to compliance with regulatory requirements. The […]

Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week is an important event that sheds light on the significance of mental well-being and seeks to […]

National Skilled Nursing Care Week
2023 National Skilled Nursing Care Week

The annual week-long celebration honouring skilled nursing care centers, 2023 National Skilled Nursing Care Week (NSNCW) has officially started on […]

My summer at Cliniconex | Tiare is back!

We are so happy to have Tiare back for her third summer with our team! Tiare is studying Computer Science […]

My summer at Cliniconex | Getting to know SeungHee

Each summer, the Cliniconex team welcomes students from various post-secondary institutions to spend the summer with us, learning, growing and […]

health assessment
How health assessments improve outcomes and compliance

As we age, our health becomes more fragile, and we are more susceptible to chronic conditions and diseases. This is […]

resident feedback
Harnessing the power of resident feedback

Few aspects of the human experience are as powerful as the yearning to be understood. When we think someone listens, […]

Big data - analytics and graphs shown on a laptop
The role of Big Data in healthcare

Big Data has become an increasingly important topic in many industries, including healthcare. It refers to extremely large and complex […]

wounded warriors
CCX Gives Back: Wounded Warriors

As we say goodbye to winter, Team Cliniconex marked the end of Q1 2023 with our first CCX Gives Back […]

Why record-keeping is more than a compliance measure

With the number of compliance regulations healthcare providers need to follow, compliance record keeping and reporting can seem like a […]

Patient-provider relationship
How to cultivate a positive patient-provider relationship

For healthcare providers, building a positive patient-provider relationship is essential to ensure their well-being and enhance the quality of care […]

value-based care
How can value-based care help with the staffing crisis?

Senior care facilities play a critical role in our healthcare system, providing care and support to elderly and vulnerable individuals.  […]

Interprofessional collaboration
The 5 Benefits of Interprofessional Collaboration in Healthcare">The 5 Benefits of Interprofessional Collaboration in Healthcare

Nurses make up the largest workforce in the United States with over 3.6 million registered nurses taking care of the […]

Compliance: An orange, glowing arrow pointing up
Finding the ROI in healthcare compliance

Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries in the world. And for good reason. When the stakes are as […]

A person using string to connect thumbtacks on a wall of paper.
The Public Health Emergency is ending: 5 things to plan for

A public health emergency (PHE), brought on by the worldwide spread of COVID-19, was first declared in March 2020 and […]

Digital transformation
Digital transformation: the key to improving senior care">Digital transformation: the key to improving senior care

Personalized service is just a given today and that includes a rising demand for resident-centric care in senior care homes.  […]

an orange neon sign spelling out “change” in cursive script
Navigating change management in healthcare">Navigating change management in healthcare

Chances are that, at some point in your career, the company you work for will face a merger or acquisition […]

five stars in a row
Reputation Management: Boosting occupancy and the bottom line">Reputation Management: Boosting occupancy and the bottom line

All companies, regardless of size or industry, rely on their reputations to attract new clients, maintain the bottom line and […]

trends in senior care
Trends in senior care for 2023

Even though the year has just started, one thing is already apparent from the emerging trends in senior care –  […]

Our 22 wins in 2022">Our 22 wins in 2022

And just like that, we’re closing out another year. Just like last year, 2022 seemed to fly by with a […]

Toy Mountain
Cliniconex Gives Back | Toy Mountain

The holidays are fast approaching, and our team is getting into the festive spirit during our holiday edition of Cliniconex […]

Building a business case for technology adoption

For almost every facet of the healthcare industry, the benefits of adopting digital technologies are almost too numerous to count. […]

Automated Care Messaging Toolkits
Introducing Toolkits for Automated Care Messaging!

Senior care facilities that use Automated Care Messaging for their communication and coordination needs know that automating outreach can save […]

staff shortages
Webinar recap: Using technology to combat staff shortages

Cliniconex hosted a recent webinar, Using Tools and Technology to Combat Staff Shortages, to look at the staffing crisis in […]

My summer at CCX | Thomas looks back

With Labour Day weekend over and fall just around the corner, we’re looking back on how the summer portion of […]

National preparedness month
September is national preparedness month

In 2004, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) launched the National Preparedness Month campaign to help raise awareness about the […]

Cliniconex gives back
Cliniconex Gives Back | Ottawa Community Housing

We recently had another round of Cliniconex Gives Back and the second charity we voted to support in 2022 was […]

Cliniconex summer student
My summer at CCX | Tiare looks back

It’s hard to believe summer is almost over. It’s even harder to believe our summer student Tiare is about to […]

Help wanted sign
How technology can attract and retain talent

Senior care operators are always looking for ways to attract and retain talent. As the current talent pool is rather […]

Staff turnover
Reducing staff turnover: improving onboarding and retention

While care staff initially get into healthcare to take care of people, at the end of the day, healthcare organizations […]

Senior care transition
Transitions in senior care: Getting family informed and involved

When a new resident moves into a senior care home, staff are not just welcoming the resident, they are also […]

autonomy in nursing
Autonomy in nursing: what it is and why it matters

It’s well known that nurses are the backbone of a functioning healthcare organization. Not only do they provide patient care, […]

HIPAA compliance
HIPAA compliance: staying on the right side of regulators

HIPAA. HIPAA compliance. These are terms that you see a lot of in the healthcare industry. But what does it […]

crisis communications plan
The 5 steps to building your crisis communications plan

When an emergency happens, there are so many things out of your control that you and your staff need to […]

pride month
Celebrating LGBTQ seniors during pride month

June is pride month, and while the census does not specifically measure the LGBTQ population, there are roughly 3 million […]

Tasks to automate at a medical clinic
Five tasks to automate at your medical clinic

A medical clinic is a busy place. There are patients to schedule, follow-ups to book, and doctor’s schedules to work […]

Summer student
Summer students at Cliniconex | Getting to know Tom

Last week, we introduced you to Tiare, one of the two summer students we have with for the next few […]

summer student
Summer students at Cliniconex | Getting to know Tiare

Every year, the Cliniconex team welcomes summer students from various post-secondary institutions to spend a few months with us, learning, […]

Skilled nursing week
Celebrating skilled nursing week 2022

Each year, National Skilled Nursing Week begins on Mother’s Day. It’s only fitting that those who dedicate their lives to […]

Interoperability in healthcare
Interoperability in healthcare: What, why and how

Healthcare has become more digitized, creating a more streamlined and inclusive experience for patients, but the wide array of technology […]

world immunization week
World Immunization Week: 10 things to know about vaccines

Vaccines. They are a subject we are all familiar with after living through a pandemic, but did you know that […]

Emergency preparedness plan
CMS Emergency Preparedness Plan: The 6 pillars you need in a communications plan

In late 2016 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) introduced their Emergency Preparedness Rule with the goal of establishing […]

Direct messaging
Using ACM | Direct messaging and consent management: 5 tips to writing messages.

Whether you are new to Automated Care Messaging or are already messaging like a pro, here are a few tips, […]

Stress awareness month
CCX UK | Stress Awareness Month:  6 ways to unwind

April is stress awareness month. Unsurprisingly, stress has been on the rise over the past few years with 65% of […]

Care continuum team collaboration
The care continuum: how to improve care team efficiency

What is the care continuum? The care continuum is a model of the progression of care for patients. It is […]

The royal
Cliniconex gives back: The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre

Mental health has been an important topic of conversation throughout the pandemic. Still, a somewhat taboo subject, acknowledging and talking […]

interprofessional collaboration in healthcare
What is interprofessional collaboration in healthcare?

If interprofessional collaboration makes health care providers more effective and efficient while improving patient outcomes; why is it not more widely used?

emergency outreach
Emergency outreach: ACM features and best practices to save you time when you need it most

It’s 4 am. The power is out from a storm and you need to enact the emergency outreach plan at […]

Value based care model
Value-based care: what it is and why it’s gaining popularity

In its simplest form, value-based care (VBC) is when reimbursement payments are directly tied to the quality of care provided, […]

Mental health
Bell Let’s Talk Day: Focusing on mental health in healthcare">Bell Let’s Talk Day: Focusing on mental health in healthcare

Mental health. It’s a term we are all familiar with after living in a pandemic. For healthcare workers, the gruelling […]

Trends to watch in 2022
Looking ahead: Senior care trends to watch in 2022

Looking back on the past two years, change and adaptability are the two words that come to mind first when […]

social care staff shortages
Cliniconex UK: Is technology the answer to the social care staffing shortage?

Social care home staff have had to be vaccinated since mid-November to be able to continue working. Since the mandate […]

senior care staffing shortage
Senior care staffing shortage: why investing in tech can help alleviate extra pressure in place from vaccine mandates

The case for the mandatory vaccination of senior care staff has gone to the Supreme Court for debate. While compliance […]

21 wins in 2021
Year in review: Looking back on Cliniconex in 2021

The past year was another rollercoaster; with lockdowns, vaccines, new variants and booster shots being just a few of the […]

Cliniconex Gives Back: How we’re getting involved in our community this holiday season

What a year. While 2020 was a wild ride, there was nothing dull about 2021. People got vaccinated against COVID-19, […]

Do more with less
Cliniconex UK: Do more with less. Use the staff you already have to save time and resources

Care homes have always had too few staff. The pandemic has intensified the shortage and the recently implemented vaccine mandate […]

In the kitchen with Cliniconex

Everyone celebrates the holidays differently, with traditions reflecting religion, culture and long-standing family customs. One common thread between celebrations is […]

Do more with less
Do more with less: Use the staff you already have to save time and resources

Senior care facilities have always had too few staff. The pandemic has intensified the shortage and the soon-to-be-implemented vaccine mandate […]

Routine outreach
Webinar Recap: Automating Routine Outreach from your EHR

The focus of most senior care facilities for the past 18 months has been on urgent communications reacting to time-sensitive […]

Telus EMR
Webinar Recap: Tips on how to use your TELUS EMR to engage patients

While administrative tasks are an essential part of any medical clinic, there are plenty of ways to spend less time […]

vaccine hesitant patients
Reaching and understanding vaccine-hesitant patients: join a national study with PHAC

As the fourth wave of COVID-19 grips the country, the importance of receiving a vaccine for the virus has never […]

Cliniconex Gives Back | Supporting seniors in our community

When our team is asked to submit organizations for our quarterly donation program, they are asked to think about causes […]

mandatory vaccine mandate
Mandatory Vaccination Mandates: Using Automated Care Messaging to Coordinate Staff and Remain Compliant

On August 18th, it was announced by the United States federal government that all staff of Skilled Nursing and Assisted […]

Use cases
Maintaining the Communications Expectation: Automated Care Messaging Use Cases

Purpose-driven communications have been at the forefront of our lives over the past 18 months; whether from the government, employers, […]

One million hours
More than One Million Hours Returned to Care over the Last Year!

Of the many challenges and struggles senior care homes have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, communicating with residents, families and […]

Staff Add-on
Introducing our New Staff Add-on for Automated Care Messaging!

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it is the extreme importance of constant, clear, communication. Here […]

1000 hours
What would your Senior Care Facility do with 1000 Hours?

One thousand hours. Forty-one days. That’s a lot of time. If you had 1000 hours you could watch the movie […]

staff communication
Staff communication: Three tips to help combat absences and workforce pressures

The challenge of acquiring and retaining staff in social care was prevalent pre-pandemic, but since then much has changed. Those […]

Cliniconex Gives Back
Cliniconex Gives Back | Our First Charity Donation Of 2021

March means the end of the first quarter of 2021, and along with spring and vaccinations, it means the next […]

Automating Routine Communications
The Road To Reopening | The Power Of Automating Routine Communications With Resident Families

Since March of 2020, COVID-19 has directed our lives; from where we go, what we do, who we see and how […]

covid-19 vaccination
UK COVID-19 Vaccinations: Tips For Effectively Communicating Your Vaccination Plan And Process To Your Care Community

The end is in sight – we hope. Residents and staff (and hopefully soon designated visitors!) are receiving their COVID-19 […]

emergency preparedness
February Storm: How Gulf Coast Senior Care Facilities Communicated During An Emergency

Last week, more than 150 million Americans were impacted by a severe winter storm, leaving them without power, or water, […]

COVID-19 vaccination
COVID-19 Vaccinations: Tips For Effectively Communicating Your Vaccination Plan And Process To Your Care Community

The end is in sight – we hope. Residents and staff of long term care facilities are receiving their COVID-19 […]

Give Back
Cliniconex Gives Back: How We’re Contributing To Our Community

Cliniconex is a company that focuses not just on our customers in healthcare but on our community as a whole. […]

Holidays At A Distance: Two Ways Cliniconex Can Keep You Connected (And Festive)

Like the rest of 2020, the holidays this year are going to be very different. Getting together with family and […]

Getting Started With Automated Care Messaging: Five Tips To Crafting The Perfect Message

Tips and tricks to ensure your senior care community receives (and reads!) the important information you send them.

Telehealth By The Numbers: Is Virtual Care Here To Stay?

Before March of 2020, what did a doctor’s appointment look like to you? Booking an appointment, taking time off work […]

Communication and Coordination During COVID-19: Five Things You Need To Know

The past eight months have been challenging. From the COVID-19 pandemic, to extreme weather, to new regulations being enacted, 2020 […]

CMS Guidelines
New CMS Guidelines For Safe Visitation: The Top 6 Takeaways

It was on March 14th that The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) ordered the end to all in-person visits […]

Moments For Care: A Look Back At Our Summer (Virtual) Concert Series

Summer. Usually a time for barbecues, gardening and soaking up some sun. The summer of 2020? Not so much. Nobody […]

WELL Health
Cliniconex Announces Partnership With WELL Health To Bring Their Patient Engagement Solutions To More Canadian Healthcare Providers

Since its founding in 2009, Cliniconex has been focused on using technology to automate repetitive tasks to help medical clinics […]

Staff Testing
New CMS Rule Mandating Staff Testing and What It Means For Senior Care Homes

On August 25th, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) released a new Interim Rule requiring senior care facilities to […]

CCX UK | Adapting to the new communication standards of COVID-19

Although nothing much is certain in the current climate, one thing is clear, on top of the usual duties involved […]

emergency preparedness
Webinar Recap | Pandemic Lessons Learned: Best Practices and Emergency Preparedness in the Future

Are you still struggling to adapt to all the changes brought on by COVID-19? What are the future plans for […]

Cliniconex Update
Communicating During COVID-19

Life around the world has changed dramatically in 2020. Because of COVID-19, homelife, work-life, schools, and social lives are no […]

Let’s Be Clear: A Guide To Transparent Communication During COVID-19

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, senior care facilities have had to adapt to changing situations in their facilities, communities, and states […]

senior care
The Road To Reopening | Ensuring Safe Visits In Senior Care

As lockdown restrictions ease across the country, visitors are slowly being allowed to return to senior care homes. For months, […]

Brookdale Senior Living quote
Customer Success Story | Brookdale Senior Living

“I would recommend Cliniconex because it solves a sizable problem in a remarkably simple way. They took a big problem and made an easy answer.”

Covid-19 supplies
How Automation Can Help You Stay Compliant During COVID-19:

For facilities that have implemented Cliniconex’s Automated Care Messaging as part of their communications strategy, they have adapted the tool […]

Providence care
Customer Success Story | Providence Care

The Cliniconex team is absolutely amazing. They made it so easy, so painless to get up and running very quickly. It saved us a ton of anxiety and concern.

New CMS COVID-19 Reporting Rules For Senior Care Facilities

On May 6th, The Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services released an update clarifying the new reporting requirements for skilled […]

Moments for care
Need A Moment? Take A (Virtual) Break With Us

Like most of us right now, I’m sure you are checking the news quite frequently and know that COVID-19 is […]

St. Joseph's
Customer Success Story | St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre

  From nurses, to personal support workers, to administrators, to dieticians; there are many different roles and responsibilities within a […]

Communicating during COVID-19
Five Ways To Engage With Patients During COVID-19

With daily changes to social distancing rules and guidelines and which businesses and services stay open, access to healthcare for […]

Elderly couple sitting on a bench
How To Keep Communicating With Seniors During COVID-19

While we all do our part to limit the spread of the virus by staying home and limiting social interactions, here are some ways to stay connected and social – from a distance.

Year of the nurse and midwife
2020: Year Of The Nurse And Midwife

More and more, nurses are using technology to streamline their workload to leave more time for helping patients on their healthcare journeys.

How a Busy Allergy Clinic Used Automated Patient Engagement to Bring Calm, Order, and a 25% Workload Reduction

Having a life-threatening allergy or immune system disorder can be frightening. That’s why the NL Allergy & Immunology clinic in […]

Cliniconex Expands its Partnership with PointClickCare, Offering Senior Care Providers a Fully-Integrated Solution for Resident Family Engagement

Mississauga, ON – February 4, 2020 – PointClickCare, the leading cloud-based software vendor for the senior care market, and Cliniconex, […]

Man holding glasses away from his face
Eye Clinic Sets Its Sights On The Future With A New EMR And Automated Patient Reminders

A month after implementing TELUS Health’s PS Suite, Eye Associates added Cliniconex’s customizable, automated patient appointment reminder service to increase clinic efficiency, enable better communications, and improve the patient experience.

What Updates In The CPSO Referral-Consultation Guidelines Mean For You

Technology can help specialists – and their staff – get back to caring for their patients by reducing the amount of time spent making calls following up and confirming appointments. By using automated booking notifications, patients are easily notified of referrals with no extra work for the front-end staff.

Use Case: Appointment Status Updates

How Cliniconex automatically updates statuses into your clinic’s EMR One of the most crucial parts of the appointment reminder process […]

Cliniconex FAQ

Want to learn more about how the solution works? Below are some of the frequently asked questions our team receives. […]

Long Term Care Outbreaks: Why Communication is Key

As cold and flu season is upon us, it’s important to take extra precautions to ensure you stay in the […]

Use Case: Patient Reminders for Multiple Appointments on the Same Day

How Cliniconex reminds patients when they’re booked for multiple appointments in one day. One of the most common requests our […]

Anthony Mar Q&A

This week, we had a chance to sit down and chat with Cliniconex’s CEO, Anthony Mar! After a hard day […]

4 Ways to Enhance your Annual Quality Improvement Plan

In order to make improvements that lead to higher quality care, better patient outcomes, and enhanced professional development, many Canadian provinces […]

4 Ways to Improve your Patients’ Waiting Room Experience

The waiting room is the first point of contact for patients and sets the tone for what they can expect […]

4 Ways to Combat Stress and Burnout in your Clinic

Winter is coming, and many of us head into the busiest and dreariest time of the year, it’s important to […]

Changes to CPSBC Referral-Consultation Process Guideline

On August 8th, 2018, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia revised the Referral-Consultation Process guideline. This revision […]

Calian Invests In Innovative E-Health Technology

(Ottawa, ON) —Calian Group Ltd. (TSX:CGY) is pleased to announce that on October 31, 2016 it acquired a small equity […]

Colleagues sitting around a wooden table
Cliniconex Expands Ottawa Team, Armed With New Funding Led By Capital Angel Network and Wesley Clover

Resellers and innovative e-health technology combined to accelerate leadership position (Ottawa, ON) – Capital Angel Network and Cliniconex jointly announced […]

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