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About Cliniconex

Founded in Ottawa in 2009 by Anthony Mar, CEO and Tom Phillips, CTO, Cliniconex is the fastest growing patient engagement solution in Canada.

We're on a mission to put patients & residents at the centre of healthcare.

From pre-sales to post sales and beyond, our team prides itself on delivering the best service possible – and having a great time doing it!

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Cliniconex is a software company dedicated to changing the face of patient and resident family engagement in healthcare.
With over 5,000 medical professionals and senior care providers utilizing its services, Cliniconex triggers more than 700,000 meaningful engagements each month. Its EHR/EMR integrated workflow automation solutions aim to reduce no-shows, improve patient satisfaction, lower operational costs and return time to care. From appointment reminders, booking notifications, patient queue displays and survey tools for clinics, to outbreak notifications and care plan reminders for senior homes, Cliniconex offers a host of services aimed to automate repetitive tasks so staff can focus on what matters most: caring for patients/residents.
Driven by the clinic’s preferred workflow, Cliniconex’s light touch, autonomous communication and reporting software not only streamlines pre and post-visit patient outreach but also offers an extremely customizable platform for preventative care and personalized health literacy.  Cliniconex outreach is personalized to each patient/resident, improving response and outcomes. Its software runs in the background, delivering maximal productivity through a flexible workflow engine that is truly a set-and-forget solution.

Our management team

Anthony Mar
Co-Founder & CEO
Tom Phillips
Co-Founder & CTO
Scott Jarvis
Cathy Deschenes
Director of Technical Support
Darcy MacHale
Director of Sales
Christopher Sisto
Director of Marketing, Product Manager
Kevin Haaland
Chief Product Officer
Marsha MacGowan
Manager Accounts and Relationships

Our technology, the science behind the magic

Personalized, regular patient communication does not have to be manual, time-consuming or costly. Cliniconex provides Software as a Service with two main components, a local controller, and a cloud controller. The local controller typically resides behind the firewall of the healthcare provider and handles the task of extracting patient and scheduling data. Patient and scheduling data is usually found inside the EMR/EHR but Cliniconex can also connect to other data sources depending on the level of personalization required.
Once the local controller has extracted the information, it securely transmits this data to the secure cloud controller, whose main job is to assemble the personalized message, and then delivers it to the patient via their preferred mode of communication (voice, email or text).
Patient responses may update the EHR/EMR, be emailed in a report, or can trigger a downstream process via an email notification, depending on clinic workflow requirements.
The productivity improvement itself typically pays for Cliniconex services. In fact, our clients have achieved total returns between 8 and 12 times their investment.
Cliniconex is a stateless machine, using data separation and 128 bit encryption to protect our customer’s Personal Health Information (PHI).
We take privacy very seriously and our solutions are fully HIPAA and PHIPAA compliant.  Find out more about our privacy policy.

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