My summer at Cliniconex | Getting to know SeungHee

Each summer, the Cliniconex team welcomes students from various post-secondary institutions to spend the summer with us, learning, growing and hopefully having some fun along the way! To start off the summer of 2023, we want you to meet SeungHee. Get to know the newest addition to our marketing team!

Tell us a bit about yourself! What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Three things come to mind. 

I’m a big foodie and love to go out with my family, friends or boyfriend and explore new cafes or restaurants. Secondly, I like to spend time alone in my room to decompress and play Animal Crossing. It may not be popular anymore, but it’s a great solo activity for me!

If I have a lot of spare time, I like to draw or paint. I have a little studio set up in the basement where I can be creative. I mostly paint realistic acrylics like fruits or vegetables – still lifes.  I can draw faces really well but haven’t mastered painting them yet. 

I’ve always been creative – drawn or coloured, but really learned to paint in high school – and it’s something I have kept up and really enjoy doing. 

How would your friends describe you?

Different friends would describe me differently. I have times when I am more outgoing and active and looking for engagement, and times when I am quieter and want to be by myself. 

Friends who have known me longer, know those different sides of my personality. Some friends might describe me as loud and excited and adventurous, while other friends describe me as being calm and grounded. It often depends on who I am with.

What are you studying at University?

I just finished my second year in the Bachelor of Commerce program at the University of Ottawa where I am specializing in marketing. The first two years were focused on general business courses like accounting and statistics. The next two years will be focused on marketing-specific courses and completing my co-op placements. 

What was your favourite class last year? 

I think my favourite was my Business Communications class. We had weekly presentations that involved a new topic each week; allowing me to pick a new company to present a case study on.  There were always different situations and scenarios to learn about and present which kept it interesting.

It was a small class of about 25 students, and it was the people in the class that really made it special. 

What attracted you to Cliniconex for the summer? 

While I was looking for co-op placements, there were a few factors I was considering when applying for positions. I liked Cliniconex because I wanted to work at a smaller, private company where I could be hands-on when working on projects and really see growth. I think that is the type of environment I want to work in eventually, so I want to try it out.  

The position of Social Media Coordinator was also really interesting to me. I thought my creativity would really be an asset and something I could excel at.

I also knew that in the various co-op placements I will have throughout my degree, I wanted one to be with a tech company. Ciniconex was a great mix of tech and social media!

The pictures of the office on the website also drew me to the position! The environment looked very open and welcoming, so that was an influencing factor.

What are you looking forward to working on or learning about the most? 

The idea of a content calendar is interesting to me. I’m enjoying getting a deep dive into learning about how social media is strategically planned behind the scenes. Social media is something we all consume a lot of in our lives – but it’s usually surface level. To see how strategic it can get has been really eye-opening.

I hope I can take the strategic aspect of it social media to other aspects or opportunities in the future. 

How do you think your time at Cliniconex will help during your third year of University? 

I’m already learning so much! Aside from the technical side of marketing, learning about the day-to-day functions of a company, how the various teams are interconnected and how processes work at scale is interesting. 

Of course, hands-on marketing experience is great. Learning about how strategic,, planned and all-encompassing the scope of campaigns are, and how that can inform years of data has been fascinating. 

How data is used to iterate and make campaigns and outcomes more effective has helped me better understand what I have been learning about in my classes. 

When I learned about business analytics, I wasn’t sure how those skills would apply to marketing, and now that I am putting these pieces together, I am seeing how my course knowledge can be applied in the workplace. It’s motivating me to focus more on those types of courses because now I understand how relevant they are.

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