Webinar: New and upcoming features

A spotlight on all of Automated Care Messaging's new and advanced features, aimed to better help you communicate.


Thursday, October 6


2:00 pm ET

Whether you’re a seasoned user or are just getting started, join us to learn about all the new features we’ve added to Automated Care Messaging! We’ll also be taking you through some of the more advanced aspects of ACM – all to help you communicate more efficiently and effectively with your care community.


You’ll learn:

  1. How to add attachments
  2. How to reach multiple facilities at once
  3. How to override the blackout period
  4. How to message residents directly
  5. How to manage consent


And many more! Come for a refresher or learn something new.


Kristi Aruja

Digital Marketing Specialist, Cliniconex

Kristi is an experienced marketer and during her time at Cliniconex and has helped build effective messaging programs for Automated Care Messaging users. She is looking forward to seeing how she can help senior care organizations reach their communities as effectively as possible.


Jordie Jussup

Senior Account Executive, Cliniconex

Jordie has spent the past 18 years talking to medical and scientific professionals about efficiencies and solutions for their important work. With Automated Care Messaging, he's proud to be able to specifically help senior care organizations ease the burden of community outreach and reinvest the difference back to resident care.

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