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  • Successful digital transformation in the senior care sector is not a simple matter of technical change.
  • Digital transformation requires adaptations in human attitudes and skills, as well as a shift in organizational thinking.
  • Improve the efficiency of providing excellent care by improving value to the care team.
  • To help realize the full potential of technology, Cliniconex is launching Automated Care Messaging Toolkits with uses case and best practices, templates and checklists that will empower users to maximize Automated Care Messaging’s full potential.

Create Operational Efficiencies

Things can change on the fly. Make sure your care community is up-to-date and in the know.
  • Better coordinate staff, residents and visitors
  • Keep employees and other stakeholders informed
  • Standardize messaging and consistancy 
Toolkit: Use Cases and Best Practices

Automate tasks to make your care teams as efficient as possible, giving them more time for direct resident care.


A guide for the actions to take to make sure your day-to-day outreach is seamless.

Message Templates

Whether it's a policy reminder, welcoming a new resident before they move in, or sending out reminders for flu shots, our template library has you covered.


What to communicate before, during and after an emergecny.

Message Templates

A crisis isn't the time to write messages from scratch. Templates can help you get important information quickly and correctly.

Toolkit: Use Cases and Best Practices

Learn who to communicate with and when. Build your emergency communication plan to be as robust and flexible as possible.

Communicate In An Emergency

Keep your staff focused and on task when it matters most while keeping your resident family members calm and informed. Streamlined coordination can help you allocate resources to be most effective.
  • Send messages at a moment’s notice without relying on your telecom infrastructure
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Improve situational awareness
  • Keep everyone safe

Keep Staff Satisfied

Technology can help recruit and retain staff by reducing time consuming manual tasks, streamlining onboarding and internal communications.
  • Keep staff engaged
  • Recruit top-tier talent
  • Keep internal communications strong

A step by step action plan to keep your staff in the know.

Message Templates

From open shifts to satisfactions surveys to training reminders, we've got messages for your internal team.

Toolkit: Use Cases and Best Practices

Frequent staff communication can keep care teams informed, encouraged and supported.


What to communicate before, during and after an audit.

Message Templates

Templates to help you send mandated messages that are timely and informative.

Toolkit: Use Cases and Best Practices

Communicate specific and pertinent information to align with mandated timelines.

Comply With Regulations

Create a culture of compliance by embedding an adherence to regulations into your policies, procedures and processes. Involving staff at every level instills ownership, not just a set of rules.
  • Make passing audits a breeze
  • Easily adapt to changing rules and regulations
  • Boost your reputation and competitiveness
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