Automated Care Platform for Hospitals

Reduce Emergency Department visits and costs by 90% by empowering patients with timely, proactive information.

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Automated Care Platform: Easy as 1,2,3

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    Easy to Implement:

    Effortless setup, immediate impact. Our intuitive platform integrates smoothly with your existing systems, so you can start seeing the benefits in no time.

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    Easy to Use:

    Your phone doesn’t need an instruction manual, and neither does ACP. If you can send an email, you can use the system.

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    Easy to Scale:

    Your hospital, your way. Our ACP platform flexes and grows with you, ensuring you always have the tools and support necessary to meet the evolving healthcare needs of your community.

Your Investment, Your Returns: Calculate Your ROI

Calculate your ROI

Current manual outreach


Current cost of
manual outreach

Time spent on manual outreach each month


Monthly cost of manual outreach



The impact of Automated Care MessagingThe impact of Cliniconex appointment reminders

Time returned to care each month


Resource and operational efficiency gain


*these figures reflect the information you provided and are for example purposes only

Before: Patients can schedule appointments and complete pre-registration online, streamlining the intake process and freeing up staff.

During: Automate reminders and pre-visit instructions to reduce no-shows, ensuring patients arrive informed and prepared.

After: Automate post-discharge instructions, improving patient adherence and reducing the risk of complications or readmissions.

Operational Efficiencies

Before: Proactively share preventive care information with patients who have chronic conditions.

During: Prompt patients to see their primary care physician, avoiding unnecessary emergency department visits.

After: Hold virtual follow-up appointments, providing convenient access to care while reducing the burden on resources.

Reputation Management

Before: Verify Medicaid eligibility before providing services. This including enrollment status, coverage dates and restrictions on coverage.

During: Robust audit trails ensure that all patient communications are accurately recorded.

After: Facilitate smooth transitions of care by ensuring that all relevant patient information is securely shared amongst a care team.

Regulatory Compliance

Smarter Care.
Happier Staff.

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