Use Cases for Resident Families

From severe weather, to local outbreaks, policy changes, and care coordination, there are the myriad of topics, sub topics and events that directly affect resident families and those in their care.
Use Cases_Mind Map

Day to Day Operations

Keep your residents, their families and POAs informed and up to date.
  • Automate outreach through routine workflows so your team can focus on direct care
  • Send specific instructions in advance to ensure family members arrive prepared
Flu Shot Clinics

''As the POA for a resident, you will be receiving an electronic consent flu vaccine email document for required signature.''

Billing Reminders

''This is a reminder that our billing period end on the 30th. Please address any outstanding invoices before then. Thank you.''

Medical Appointments

''Your loved one requires ground transporation to their dentist appointment next Thursday at 2 pm.''

Care Plan Reminders

''Your attendance is required on Tuesday the 22nd at 3:30 pm for a quarterly care plan review for your loved one.''

Good News!

''We're excited to announce we will now be providing a new monthly spa service for our residents!''

Weekly Newsletter

''What's new this week at our facility! We have updates on new employees, Bingo night, and upcoming summer BBQ's. Read on...''

Open Enrollment Reminders

''Open Enrollment begins next month on the 21st and runs until December 15th. To sign up...''

Regular Updates

From holiday party invitations and newsletters, to sign ups and annual meetings; share the daily ins and outs of resident life with your community!
  • Make sure family members are aware of the good news
  • Increase trust through transparent communication of positive event
  • Proactively share news and information so families are informed

Emergency Preparedness

Keep your care community informed when it matters most. Let families know their loved on is safe so staff can focus on caring for residents.
  • Reduce family anxiety
  • Decrease inbound inquiries
  • Be better prepared to reach out in an instant
  • Remain compliant with regualtors
Severe Weather

''We are experiencing a power outage due to the storm and we are currently using our generator.''

Medical Outbreaks

''We are currently experiencing a gastrointestinal outbreak. If you are coming in to visit a resident, please check with a nurse before visiting as you may need to take extra precautions.''

Safety & Security Concerns

''We are currently in lockdown. The care and safety of our residents remain our top priority and we are following our emergency protocols.''

CMS Regulations

''This is to inform you we have 1 resident who has tested positive for COVID-19. We are following CDC and local protocals.''

Changes in Visitation Guidelines

''We are now allowing in-person visits! We do ask you have a face covering and keep social distance while not in a designated visiting area.''

Food Service Changes

''We will be changing our food service provider next month. As such, we will be offering a different menu. You can find it on our website.''

Policy Changes

Whether you need to share an internal update, or a new government regulation, share the latest information with your residents and their families.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Proactive communication reduces potential conflict and misunderstandings
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