Patient Engagement

The right information at the right time.
Every time.

Automate the patient engagement experience from point of seeking care through to post appointment follow up and ongoing patient education.

Tailored to your needs.

Workflow without the work – Cliniconex is designed to run seamlessly in the background without any added effort by your front end staff. We fit your current workflow, so there’s almost no training. Our reliable, set and forget solution, allows for numerous customizations based on your clinic needs.

Special Messaging

Provide specific appointment details:

Based on appointment type, location, provider or a combination
Provide appointment-specific instructions
Include policies for cancellations and no shows
✓ Provider name overrides
✓ Specific phone numbers, by provider, location, etc.

Flexible Contact Method

Patients contact, by clinic or patient preference by:


Mapping Rules

Select the specific conditions for each notification:

Choose # of days in advance for sending
Select your clinic’s business days
Include notifications based on appointment, location, date or any combination
Choose which providers to include, or combine with above for targeted engagement
Create time overrides to manage arrival times vs scheduled times


Our clinic can personalize email messaging by including:

Personalized Clinic Caller ID
Logos and colours
Maps and clinic directions
Website links

Appointment Management

Create overrides for specific requirements, such as:

Combine a patient’s multiple, same-day appointments into one reminder
Manage group appointments
Allow for time offset
Select appointments to include or exclude

Downstream Workflow

Custom reports allow you to manage:

Regular emails to single or multiple addresses of your choice
Reporting options and frequency based on your clinic needs