The Road To Reopening | Ensuring Safe Visits In Senior Care

senior care

As lockdown restrictions ease across the country, visitors are slowly being allowed to return to senior care homes. For months, families and friends have been separated from each other, and soon, they can reunite in person.

To ensure visits can continue, local health authorities have released guidelines (for example Ontario and CMS) to help maintain the health and safety of all involved. As always, each facility will have different guidelines and procedures to reflect their current situation. Communicating those guidelines continues to be essential. 

Proactive outbound communication with families can ensure a smooth transition, reduce inbound calls and questions, and ensure that expectations are clear for everyone.

To ensure residents, their families, and staff remain safe and compliant, automated outreach such as Cliniconex’s Automated Care Messaging allows for consistent, effective, and efficient delivery of information. 

Senior care has been deeply affected by COVID-19. Do your part to maintain the positive momentum and make sure you are following the protocols and procedures in your area.

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