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• Ensure Medicare reimbursement

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Automate manual processes to prevent non-compliance



Automate manual processes to prevent non-compliance


Better detect a compliance risk or breach



Better detect a compliance risk or breach


Alert staff that a response needs to be taken



Alert staff that a response needs to be taken

The benefits of a compliance-first culture

Improve Clinical Outcomes

Use data to better predict avoidable events such as an adverse drug reaction, and proactively establish a risk mitigation plan.

Improve Your Reputation

A strong compliance program can enhance resident satisfaction and attract prospective families.

Better Engage Staff

Having a say in the policies and procedures which affect their teams the most will create an empowered and compliance-focused team. This ownership creates a culture, not just a set of rules.

Reduce Litigation Exposure

Better, automated, documentation practices can help to create both precise data and proactive, real-time insights into the delivery of care.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Cliniconex has the ease of use I was looking for, easy integration, was straightforward, and is robust.

– Noah G.

One of the top platforms for communication with patients in the LTC/PAC settings. They have a user-friendly and intuitive tool. The team at Cliniconex is super easy to work with and helps you get up and running quickly. They listen to feedback and roll out new features often.

– Nathan T.

The Cliniconex team was fantastic to work with. Their service saves my team a ton of time and helps reduce our no-show rates.

– Alfred S.

About Cliniconex

Our healthcare collaboration platform delivers HIPAA-compliant engagements for medical professionals and senior care providers across North America.

Automated Care Messaging is an interoperable solution that integrates into EHR/EMRs, enabling workflow automation and autonomy, and creating configurable experiences by delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time, and through the right channel.


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