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Medical Clinic Solutions

Capture every opportunity to engage with your patients. From initial referral to post appointment surveys and beyond, keep your patients informed and confident on their healthcare journey.

Keep patients informed and prepared before, during and after their appointments.

Capture every opportunity to engage with your patients. Cliniconex offers a variety of services for medical clinics that can be tailored to the workflows and procedures already in place at your clinic. Keep your patients engaged and informed along every step of their healthcare journey, while freeing up your staff’s time and attention.

Patient Reminders & Notifications

Win back hours of clinic staff time and reduce no-shows by automatically reminding patients of their upcoming appointments and keeping them informed throughout their healthcare journey. Communicate with patients on their preferred devices via voice, text or email notifications.

Waiting Room Concierge

Display estimated wait times and up-to-date patient queues without any need for staff intervention or monitoring. Waiting Room Concierge ties directly into your EMR to automatically calculate wait times and update them as the day progresses.

Patient Surveys & Health Promotion

HQI makes patient experience surveys & health promotion a breeze. The secure web app is designed to help medical clinics and primary care teams gain more insight into their patient roster while building actionable quality improvement plans they can measure against.